There were many aspects of Warner Bros. Justice League that were rather unexpected, especially the one hour and forty-nine minute runtime, which marked the shortest DCEU movie to date. Angry DCEU fans have been demanding the studio release Zack Snyder's director's cut of Justice League, including the original soundtrack by Junkie XL, and it seems that the original cinematographer, Fabian Wagner, wants to see that director's cut too. The DP is quite a big fan of all Zack Snyder's director's cuts, including Watchmen, 300 and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and he wants to see the director's complete vision for his latest directorial effort, at some point. Here's what Fabian Wagner had to say about the short run time.

"This one was even shorter than I expected, so there are scenes that aren't in there. I really hope we get to see a director's cut, which will give us everything that we shot that didn't make it in. What I love about his [Snyder's] director's cuts is they are long, but he takes his time to tell the story. I've never watched any of his director's cuts and thought 'This is long." Whether they are three hours long, or three hours and ten minutes, they always seemed to go quick."
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While Fabian Wagner was the DP on Justice League with Zack Snyder was at the helm, he was not available for Joss Whedon's reshoots due to scheduling complications. Taking over as cinematographer was second unit photographer Jean-Philippe Gossart, and while some had expressed concern about what may have changed under Joss Whedon's direction, Fabian Wagner revealed he was glad Gossart took over because he knew the visual style originally set forth would remain intact. Here's what he had to say about the reshoots below.

"He and I had been talking about what we've been doing, and he knew some of the style we've been going for. It was great to have someone I know and who knew the film beforehand and could come in and give it continuity."

Wagner revealed that one of his favorite shots that didn't make it into the film was included in the Justice League trailer that was released back in March, which featured Ben Affleck in full costume as Batman, perched atop a building. He also spoke about the praise he has been receiving for the way he shot Ezra Miller's The Flash, revealing that the director and visual effects supervisor John 'D.J.' Des Jardin, wanted the cinematographer to, "do a lot of interactive lighting, and create some sort of visual language that we could use to portray Flash's speed."

Justice League only marks the third feature-length movie ever for Fabian Wagner, after the U.K. comedy Barney Thomson and the 20th Century Fox monster movie Victor Frankenstein. He is perhaps best known for his ubiquitous work on the small screen, particularly HBO's Game of Thrones, where he shot six episodes in total, including the last two episodes of Season 6, Battle of the Bastards and Winds of Winter. He is currently working on the final season of Game of Thrones, and while he isn't sure about the scheduling quite yet, he added in his interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he would love to be asked back to DP the Flashpoint movie.