Cyborg was a major part of Zack Snyder's version of Justice League, whose role was reduced after Joss Whedon came on board to finish the film. Now that Snyder is back to complete his take on the movie as a 4-hour HBO Max special, Cyborg will finally be getting his time in the spotlight. Artist Jerad S.Marantz, a concept artist who has worked on multiple DCEU movies, recently took to Instagram to share some of the preliminary artwork envisioning Cyborg's look in the live-action Justice League.

"Here are some more shots of #cyborg from #Justiceleague. Fun discovery while building this guy. When we got the note to make the armor faceted I was pretty concerned about how to accomplish that in a short amount of time. Concept art goes pretty quickly. So I did a little bit of experimenting and realized that I could sculpt the rough shape and then decimated the model multiple times. The more I decimated it the more faceted the surface got. It was a great shortcut and saved me a lot of time."
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Cyborg is a character from DC Comics whose almost entire body was destroyed for one reason or another, depending on the writer, and who subsequently gains a cybernetic body with remnants of human flesh and organs. The character has appeared in comics, games, movies, and TV shows, with most young audiences remembering Cyborg as one of the main team members of the Teen Titans.

With Justice League, Cyborg makes the jump to the big leagues to play a superhero on the same level as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman instead of being portrayed as their young sidekick. This time around, the character is played by Ray Fisher, as a former college quarterback Victor Stone who was in a life-threatening accident. The only way to save him was for his scientist father to fuse his body with technology from the mysterious Mother Box, an alien piece of tech that drives the plot of the movie and places Cyborg front and center of all the action.

While Cyborg had a certain amount of screentime in the theatrical release of Justice League, Fisher has been honest about being disappointed that much of the character's backstory and important moments which had existed in Zack Snyder's script had been removed. Since then, Fisher has been one of the staunchest allies of the #ReleasetheSnyderCut movement and has in turn been called the heart of the film by Snyder himself.

It will be interesting to see what new Cyborg-related content will be added to the upcoming Zack Snyder's Justice League. There were scenes teased in the original trailers showing Victor Stone as a young college athlete, and another scene where Cyborg shoulder-checks a tank to save a civilian. Hopefully, those scenes will be expanded upon, and the backstory for the character explored in greater detail than what audiences have gotten to see so far with Whedon's version of the film.