Back in June, Warner Bros.' gestating Justice League Dark, also known as Dark Universe, suffered a serious blow when Guillermo del Toro backed away from the project he was originally planning to direct. While the studio still doesn't have a director in place for the superhero adaptation, The Tracking Board reveals the project is moving forward once again, with Scott Rudin coming aboard to produce. Guillermo del Toro is still attached as a produce as well, but the project is now moving ahead at a much faster pace.

Scott Rudin is reportedly moving quickly to try and secure a production start date for sometime in 2016. The producer has already been approaching directors, and has been making updates to the script, written by Guillermo del Toro. The site reveals that Guillermo del Toro backed out to focus on Pacific Rim 2, which was officially delayed last month to give the director and his team more time. Warner Bros. hasn't issued a release date for either Pacific Rim 2 or Justice League Dark yet, but the site claims that the latter is now a major priority for the studio.

The Tracking Board also has the first plot details, revealing that the story centers on "a series of ancient tomes stolen by a madman hellbent on the destruction of humanity." After learning about these tomes, John Constantine assembles a team of heroes who "specialize in the mystic and arcane," to save the world. While none of the other characters have been confirmed, Guillermo del Toro revealed last August that he wants to include Swamp Thing, Deadman, Shade, Madame Xanadu, Zatanna, Etrigan the Demon and The Floronic Man. The producers are planning on casting a new John Constantine, meaning Matt Ryan, who played the title character on NBC's Constantine, will not be part of the project.

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The movie is based on the comic series Justice League Dark written by Peter Milligan and illustrated by Mikel Janin, which was first published in November 2011. The film will introduce both mysticism and the supernatural into DC's Cinematic Universe, although it will not be connected to Warner Bros.' Justice League and their DC Universe right away. The site claims that Warner Bros. eventually plans on bridging both worlds, inserting Justice League Dark members into other DC projects.

Scott Rudin is best known for producing prolific Oscar-worthy dramas such as Captain Phillips, Inside Llewyn Davis and The Grand Budapest Hotel. His next film, the critically-acclaimed biopic Steve Jobs, hits theaters in New York and L.A. this weekend, before expanding nationwide on October 23. He also produced the upcoming comedy sequel Zoolander 2, which hits theaters in February, and is about to start production on The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter, starring Josh Brolin and Danny McBride.