The DC Extended Universe is moving full steam ahead, with or without the approval from critics. Recently, the studio finally gave the green light to the long-gestating Justice League Dark under the helm of director Doug Liman, who took the wheel of the Tom Cruise sci-fi flick Edge of Tomorrow and was attached to the Gambit movie for a while at Fox. Not much has been revealed about the movie, but the director has opened up a bit about how he is going to approach it.

Doug Liman recently sat down with IGN to discuss his new VR series Invisible. They did manage to get him to discuss Justice League Dark a bit and he said that he feels Warner Bros. brought him on because they know he will take an unconventional approach to the movie. Here is what he had to say about it.

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"Yeah, I mean first of all, I love those characters, and I love Warner Bros., and I love [producer] Scott Rudin, and it's - and you know, I get asked to come in and do things that are "unconventional." If people want conventional, they don't come to me. It's why doing Invisible was like right up my alley - because how can you be conventional when there aren't even conventions that exist? And so you know when Warner Bros. wants to sort of turn the comic book genre on its head, they call me."

If nothing else, Doug Liman seems to be quite confident in his abilities, much like Warner Bros. still has a lot of confidence in their DC Comics movies, despite dreadful reviews for both Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Even Man of Steel wasn't received very well. Even though the studio already has a full slate announced for the next few years, they are working on even more projects for their DC Extended Universe, one of which being Justice League Dark, which had been kicked around for a long time, but with a different filmmaker attached.

This is a project that has long been in development at Warner Bros. with Pacific Rim director Guillermo Del Toro originally directing. As of last year, it seemed like the live action version of Justice League Dark was all but scrapped when Del Toro left the project in favor of Pacific Rim 2, which he also ultimately decided not to direct. According to an interview he did about the movie shortly after exiting, it was pretty much good to go, so it is likely that his DNA will still be felt in the final product.

For those that may not know, Justice League Dark first appeared as a title in DC Comics in 2011 and featured mostly supernatural characters like John Constantine, Deadman, Swamp Thing and Zatanna. The team essentially took on missions that the regular Justice League wasn't fit for and a lot of the storytelling centered on supernatural and occult elements. Michael Gilio is writing the script for the latest version of Justice League Dark with Scott Rudin producing. No cast members have been confirmed yet, but Colin Farrell has a mystery role in Zack Snyder's upcoming Justice League. Could he be our John Constantine? Warner Bros. has yet to set a release date for the movie, but it is, at least for the moment, definitely happening. And if it doesn't, there is a full-length animated movie coming next year from DC home video.

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