Imagine this. Oscar-winning filmmaker and horror/fantasy icon Guillermo del Toro makes a big-budget movie based on DC Comics' iconic Justice League Dark series, in which mystic anti-hero John Constantine teams up with some of DC's most twisted, mystical characters to battle a sea of demons and assorted magical threats. Such a project once almost came to pass. Now Murphy's Multiverse has revealed details regarding a script del Toro wrote for a Justice League Dark movie that he was set to make back in 2012.

According to the report, the Guillermo del Toro story would have started with Constantine leaving the magical superhero team Shadowpact. Deciding to start his own team of magical do-gooders, Constantine begins recruiting people who have some past grievance with him in a bid to make amends, while seeking the book of Life and Death.

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Constantine's team soon discovers Dr. Jason Woodrue aka The Floronic Man is also after the book, who has his own team of supervillains at his command. Zatanna and the Swamp Thing are also lured to Constantine's side in a bid to protect their own interests.

Thus the stage is set for a superpowered, magical beat down the likes of which have never been seen in a DCEU movie. Enter Carl Carnahan, who has the book, but is also dead, and thus can't use his handprint to open the pages. Cue the arrival of the superhero Deadman, who is recruited by Constantine to resurrect Carl, and they also meet Jason Blood, a demonology expert who is secretly the demon Etrigan.

Constantine's team is close to securing the book when they are attacked by Woodrue's minions, an army of undead cadavers infused with a large number of flies. Jason has no choice but to transform into Etrigan to save his team, even if he gets heavily injured in the process, and it is revealed that Constantine is dying of lung cancer.

The mystic team regroups at the magical Oblivion Bar, where they meet the Shadowpact team, which consists of Black Orchid, the Phantom Stranger, and Pandora. The Florinic Man is possessed by Deadman, but the dead superhero gets expelled almost immediately and is rescued by Madame Xanadu. She reveals that Woodrue's plan is to resurrect Gugalanna, a bull from heaven that is described as a one-man rapture that can collapse civilizations.

The final showdown has Constantine's team in a battle with Woodrue, which sees Swamp Thing growing to a colossal size, while Zatanna harnesses the magic of the world. In the end, Constantine sacrifices his own life to end Woodrue's plans by burning the entire swamp around them.

While it appears as though Constantine is gone, in a final scene we see Deadman chasing a crook down a dark alley, where John steps out of the shadow and says they need to get the band back together, thus setting up an entire franchise for Justice League Dark. The script appears to have been a perfect jumping-off point for introducing the magical side of DC Comics to the big screen, and it will always be a source of disappointment for fans that del Toro was not allowed to realize his vision for the movie. This news originated at Murphy's Multiverse.