J.J. Abrams is creating a Justice League Dark series for HBO Max. DC fans have been waiting for a project based on the comic books for nearly a decade now. The series is coming from Bad Robot and Warner Bros. TV Group, with Abrams' producing partner and wife Katie McGrath also working on the project. In addition Abrams is bringing an original series titled Duster and The Shining spin-off series Overlook. All three projects will land on HBO Max.

The details surrounding the Justice League Dark series are being kept under wraps for the time being. The show will be based on the 2011 comic book series of the same name with characters like Zatanna, Deadman, Swamp Thing, and John Constantine. Warner Bros. has attempted to make a big screen project with these characters over the years with Guillermo Del Toro attached at one point to direct. However, nothing has been able to make it past the development phase. J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot have been tasked with bringing the characters to the small screen and the pressure is now on.

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Announcements about all three of the new Bad Robot shows should be forthcoming with HBO Max set to debut in May. "What an amazing start to our association with the wildly imaginative Bad Robot team under J.J. and Katie," said Kevin Reilly, chief content officer at HBO Max. "What could be better than an original J.J. idea and then Warner Bros. letting them loose on iconic IP from Stephen King and the DC Universe and to provide more must-have programming on HBO Max." The new streaming service is off to a great start so far, especially with their wealth of older original material.

J.J. Abrams just wrote and directed The Rise of Skywalker, which will likely be his last project with the Star Wars franchise. The director was not supposed to come back for the third installment, but he was approached again after Lucasfilm parted ways with director Colin Trevorrow. It will be interesting to see what Bad Robot and DC can cook up together, especially since fans have been waiting so long for Justice League Dark to finally happen. Whatever the case may be, this is great news for DC fans.

DC Universe had a brief series based on Swamp Thing and made a Constantine TV series for NBC with the character. However, the character later joined up with The CW's Arrow-verse. HBO Max seems like the best place for the Justice League Dark series and it has the potential to be pretty big. Hopefully the streaming service and Bad Robot will announce writers and directors soon, along with a cast. At this point, it's unclear when the project will aim for a production start. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to announce the Justice League Dark news.