The myth of Zack Snyder's original cut of Justice League continues to grow, despite there being any real concrete evidence that it exists. And now, the director is again, silently backing a new theory that his cut of the movie was a lot further along than previously thought, fueling the fires even further. Snyder stepped down from the project to spend some time with his family after a tragedy and Joss Whedon took over from there. It isn't clear just how much of the movie was complete before Whedon stepped up, but a faction of fans believe that it was a lot further along than people initially thought.

A new report surfaced earlier this week that suggested Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League was nearly finished before Joss Whedon stepped in. The report cites social media posts that Snyder released while he was working on the movie and paired it with additional information from looking at the concept art designs and comparing them with the finished product. Fans of Justice League and the DCEU were let down by the movie and its box office performance reflected that.

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Several fans of Zack Snyder and the DCEU signed a petition to get Snyder's original cut released in some way to see what many believe to have been the superior version of the movie before DC and Warner Bros. reportedly tampered with the director's vision. Nearly 200,000 people signed the petition and Snyder sat back liking certain posts having to do with his version of Justice League. As it turns out, Zack Snyder recently liked a post that linked the new article and the theory that his movie was a lot further along than the public knew about.

Zack Snyder uses social media quite a bit and his favorite platform is Vero, where he is pretty active and was during the production of Justice League. This is the second time that we've seen the director silently support the existence of his original cut of the movie after he showed support for the initial campaign to have the movie released. There have been a bunch of reports on the matter, most recently Ben Affleck's stunt double who claimed that the cut existed and that it was nearly complete. However, the stunt actor has since called the post out to be a fake.

At this point, it is still not clear whether Zack Snyder's original cut of Justice League exists in any form. Many believe that there is a rough cut without any special effects while others tend to believe that it was a lot further along than anybody ever knew about, which supports a theory that Warner Bros. and DC wanted to reshape the movie in order to get younger fans showing up in movie theaters. Zack Snyder has yet to publicly say anything about his cut, but he sure likes to sit back and fan the flames. You can see the Vero post below, thanks to Stephen M. Colbert's Twitter account.