Warner Bros. has put the fate of the potential Justice League film on the shoulders of Zack Snyder's superman reboot Man of Steel.

Just like Marvel's The Avengers, which used Iron Man as a launching pad, they will use the success of The Dark Knight films and the potential success of Man of Steel to gauge whether or not fans will react positively to the DC superhero mashup.

Studio execs are planning the Justice League tentpole, which includes DC Comics' superheros Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and the Green Lantern, to the order of Marvel's The Avengers. Gangster Squad's Will Beall is currently penning the script with no director attached as of yet. Although Green Lantern turned out to be a failure, it seems that they are looking to exploit the DC library further down the road.

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If you feel they should move forward with the film, head to the theaters this June to cast your vote. Will Superman save the franchise?