Director Zack Snyder and his Justice League cast flew half-way around the world, from London to San Diego, California, to present the first trailer to the Hall H crowd at Comic-Con. The footage gave us our best look at the full costumes for The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher), but today we have a new photo that shows early designs for both of these Justice League members. If the studio had gone with these designs, both The Flash and Cyborg would look much different on the big screen next year.

The image in question was posted on Instagram over the weekend by Ironhead Studios, a visual effects company that has worked on other superhero properties like The Avengers and X-Men. The costumes seen in the photo were life-sized maquettes that were made by the company, which could indicate that these designs were liked enough by the studio to warrant the building of these life-sized statues. Regardless, these maquettes offer interesting insight into the design process, since these are starkly difference from The Flash and Cyborg costumes we have seen.

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The biggest difference with these costumes is that both Flash and Cyborg's faces are completely covered. The current Cyborg mask covers, roughly, one fourth of Ray Fisher's face, with the metal mask covering his left eye, while leaving the rest of his face open which is quite accurate to his look in the comics. The body of IronHead Studios' design appears to be much more simplistic than the suit we see in the trailer.

While The Flash final costume seems much bulkier than its counterparts in both the comic books and The CW's The Flash series, it retains the basic overall look of the costume that fans will be able to recognize. The only thing the IronHead Studios version has in common with the final costume is the maroon color, with their costume featuring large armor plates and a mask that completely covers Ezra Miller's face. Even though Barry Allen is the "fastest man alive," it looks like he could be slowed down considerably with this heavily-armored suit.

Regardless, these costumes weren't chosen to be used in Justice League, but perhaps these could still be used in future movies. These heroes will come together once again for a currently-untitled superhero sequel that has been set for release on June 14, 2019. Take a look at these alternate costumes for Flash and Cyborg in the upcoming Justice League, arriving in theaters November 17, 2017, and you can also take a look at photos of the final costumes as well.

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Justice League Cyborg Photo
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