With just a few days left until Justice League hits theaters, the stars have been making the press rounds, including Henry Cavill, who shared some interesting details about the mustache controversy that ensued when new details surfaced about reshoots this summer. The reshoots went much longer than expected, and Henry Cavill had already been filming Mission: Impossible 6, a role which required him to grow a mustache, with the actor said to be going back and forth between both projects. When asked if he had to wear anything to cover up his mustache, Henry Cavill revealed the intricate lengths they went to on the set, so the visual effects artists could digitally remove the actor's stache.

"It's nothing to cover it up. What we do is we try and pull it back from the top lip as much as possible, so they kind of wax it up, and then I have dots all over my face. And they try and put dots, which are barely visible, sort of in the various points on the face, which you would see them during normal, not face replacement, but whatever CGI aspect they may be applying to a face. And, yeah, I was covered in dots and had a big mustache. It was definitely a new look for Superman."

Fans got their first look at the mustache when Mission: Impossible 6 set photos surfaced in June, but there was a report in July that claimed these Justice League reshoots were reportedly quite the hassle for Henry Cavill. The actor had thought he'd be done filming Mission: Impossible 6 before he would be needed for Justice League reshoots, but that schedule was altered after Zack Snyder left the production for personal reasons, and Joss Whedon stepped in at the helm. This lead to Henry Cavill reportedly flying back and forth between both productions. When asked specifically how much he had go back and forth between the two movies, Henry Cavill downplayed this aspect of the reshoots.

"I think we were here when we were about to leave for location on M:I 6, so I wasn't shooting both at the same time, I was just about to start shooting again. We were on like a two or three day break or something."

While all of the Henry Cavill mustache talk wasn't necessarily controversial, the report on Justice League reshoots did raise some eyebrows, since the reshoots went for much longer than expected, under Joss Whedon's direction. Early Justice League box office tracking puts the movie between $110 million and $120 million for its opening weekend, where it will face Lionsgate's drama Wonder and Sony's animated movie The Star. Take a look at Henry Cavill's interview, courtesy of Fox 5 DC YouTube, which comes at the 4:50 mark.

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