There is no denying that Jason Momoa is a strong man. And he shows off all the reasons why he landed the role of a fierce new Aquaman in next year's DC ensemble Justice League in a new video he posted on Instagram. Bare chested, the man roars, picking up the special Aquaman ice sculpture crafted for his personal wrap party. He then proceeds to smash it on the floor. While it is a piece of art, it was just going to melt anyway, right? Jason Momoa says this about his last days and the party that ensued this weekend.

"My home away from home. The bull. Going away. I'll miss u I love u Wrap party lets go. @bullchinashope1 I love you. A safe place for a savage ALOHA England You have been so wonderful I am very sad to leave all my friends I'll see u in my dreams j"
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This particular wrap party took place at the bar Bull in a China Shop, a frequent after-hours chill out spot for Jason Momoa, who used the location frequently during the shooting of Justice League to kick back after work and have a cold beer or two. The actor has been keeping fans up to date with the tail end of production on Justice League, which saw him, Ben Affleck and Amber Heard flying to Iceland for a few final shots.

Gal Gadot recently declared that each of the Justice League actors are quite similar to their big screen superhero alter egos, and that certainly appears to be true for Jason Momoa's Aquaman. And we're sure the rough-and-tumble Arthur Curry is going to be seen smashing a thing or two as he fights alongside Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Cyborg.

Just this past week, Auquaman standalone movie director James Wan called his first superhero outing a 'swashbuckling action adventure' before going onto compare it to Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Romancing the Stone. The story in that movie will pick-up with Aquaman shortly after the events depicted in Justice League, though no official Aquaman synopsis has been released by DC Films. The villain is rumored to be Black Mantis, but that hasn't been confirmed.

We saw our first Justice League trailer during Comic-Con. And here, we got a great look at Aquaman in action. It is expected a longer trailer will make its debut before the end of the year. But for now, DC Comics is much more interested in promoting it's next DCEU adventure Wonder Woman, which hits theaters this summer. Take a look at these candid moments with Jason Momoa.

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