Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller's Justice League: Mortal has become almost mythical to fans of comic book movies, with details dripping through since the film's cancellation back in 2009. Well, now Adam Brody, who was cast to play the Flash, has revealed a few more tidbits, as well as some background on what happened behind the scenes and the events that led to the film being pulled.

"It doesn't hurt, but I did realize how fantastic it could have been," Adam Brody said of the unfortunate cancellation of Justice League: Mortal. "I've said this before, but the script was very good. The draft I read was very good. Game-changing? No. Just very solid and very fulfilling. It had the perfect tone, I thought. It captured exactly what you want out of this movie, and everyone was cast fantastically for their roles."

Brody then elaborated on what was going on in the wider world of Hollywood and how this proved irrevocably detrimental to Justice League: Mortal. "Then, the writers' strike happened so they asked for this 'kitchen sink' draft because no one was going to be able to do rewrites for the foreseeable future," Brody added. "So, they're just like, 'Look, write every idea you have in this script. That's the one we'll go off, and then we'll pare it back.' So, we got there, and the script was 40 pages longer - and all for the worse. You pulled on too many threads, and it was a fair amount messier."

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This all sounds very sad indeed, but despite this Brody remained positive about how the film would have turned out, as well as heaping praise on the rest of the cast. "I'm sure we would've pared it back, and they would've figured it out because, again, it was already really good and done, I thought," he said. "So, we were working with a little bit more of an unwieldy script. Still, it was a very solid script, particularly to begin with, and the cast was aces. I was very excited to work withGeorge Miller, because he's a legend, but who knew? I didn't know that he hadn't even reached his peak. So, seeing Fury Road and seeing what a forward-thinking visionary he still is - it was just beautiful. It's a beautiful marriage of old-fashioned, streamlined storytelling with modern visuals and world building."

It sounds like audiences certainly lost out, but Brody continues his unwavering positivity about the whole experience. "Anyway, I still wouldn't say it hurt; it just made me realize, 'Oh, that Justice League movie actually would've been f-cking epic.' It didn't really even hurt much at the time to be perfectly honest with you; I wasn't crushed. I very much took it in stride. I also got the part fairly smoothly. So, it didn't feel like I got this big lottery ticket. I waltzed into it, and I waltzed out of it."

Looking at the polarising Justice League we got in 2017, it is impossible not to wonder what might have been. This news comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

Jon Fuge