The final Justice League trailer recently arrived, which promises an action-packed, flashy DC adventure. But that doesn't mean Warner Bros. isn't going to give us new footage and new clips to help hype up the movie. That being the case, AT&T has just released a brand new clip from Justice League, featuring new footage from the movie, as well as interviews with the cast, showing how the team comes together and what makes them all so unique.

This first look at Justice League provides us with some choice bits of new footage, but it's mostly comprised of footage we've seen in previous trailers. According to AT&T, this is going to just be the first of several never-before-seen clips from the movie that they will be releasing in the coming weeks, leading up to the movie's release on November 17. This particular clip looks at the team dynamic in Justice League, save for Henry Cavill's Superman, who is still very much dead. Each of these new clips being released focuses on a "key aspect of the movie."

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Justice League has a lot of pressure as expectations for the movie are very high. Not only is this the first time we're ever seeing the legendary DC Comics team in a live-action movie together, but it also has to keep the DCEU hot streak going. Following the divisive duo that was Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman managed to be a universally beloved movie that was a huge box office hit. So now there's pressure for Justice League to live up to that, now that DC fans and casual moviegoers know that great DC movies are a possibility.

Despite a lot of work on the movie being done by Joss Whedon, including some very extensive reshoots, Zack Snyder is retaining his directing credit for Justice League. But this may very well wind up being the product of two very different filmmakers. At the end of the day, if the movie is good, fans won't care. This new footage, at the very least, promises a visually entertaining movie, which is something Snyder has never had a problem delivering. Hopefully, some of Whedon's storytelling sensibilities will make their way into the movie as well and make for the best of both directors. It also features an absolutely massive cast that includes most of the major players from the DCEU so far.

We've spent a long time talking about Justice League, but in a little over a month, the movie is actually going to be in theaters and we'll see if it's another big success for the DCEU, or another divisive disappointment. This movie has the opportunity to be something special. Let's just hope it lives up to that potential. Be sure to check out the new first look at Justice League, courtesy of the AT&T YouTube channel, for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott