Justice League is going to arrive in theaters in just a few months, but there are still a lot of questions we have heading into the movie. How Superman is going to come back being the most pressing among them. A new rumor has surfaced online that doesn't necessarily help answer any of our burning questions, but it does raise another huge one. Is Justice League going to kill off a major character? It sure sounds like it might. Assuming there is any truth to this rumor, that is.

As reported by Cosmic Book News, a YouTuber by the name of Chirs Hartwell, who runs a channel called The Hart Beat, reportedly saw some pretty spoilery images during San Diego Comic-Con. According to him and what he saw in these images, it looks like a member of the Justice League could wind up dead in the movie and, according to the way he explains it, we might see Batman kicking the bucket. Here's a breakdown of the images from Cosmic Book News.

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"Regarding Henry Cavill as Superman in Justice League, the YouTuber claims he saw three photos. One featured the Justice League without Batman 'kind of protecting and carrying a coffin,' assumed to be for Superman (or could it be Batman??). The second photo appeared to be of a dead Clark Kent with Aquaman standing over him and Wonder Woman, Flash and Cyborg in the background. The YouTuber assumed it was Clark Kent because the person wore a suit (or is it Bruce Wayne??). The third image features Superman with black pants, no shirt, flexed and looking angry staring down four of the members of the Justice League with Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Cyborg. It's noted that 'interestingly again, Batman is not in that picture.' It's also suggested that Superman could be an antagonist (bad guy)."

Before we dig into why this could make sense, it needs to be said that it is a bit suspicious nobody else reported seeing these alleged Justice League images. Also, Joss Whedon is still in the middle of doing reshoots on the movie, so anything reflected in these images could change by the time the movie is released, even if there was any truth to them at the time. It could have been part of Zack Snyder's vision that has since changed. That said, it might make sense for Ben Affleck's Batman to die in the movie.

Prior to San Diego Comic-Con, we heard that Warner Bros. was looking to gracefully phase out Batfleck. However, Ben Affleck put those rumors to rest at the event, reaffirming that he intends to star in The Batman for Matt Reeves. However, if this version of Batman is going to die in Justice League, that is obviously something that Affleck wouldn't be able to talk about and could just be playing ball to keep the secret. We also know that a Flashpoint movie is currently in development, which could reset the DCEU and serve as a way to bring in a new version of Batman.

All of that said, this seems unlikely. As mentioned, Matt Reeves is currently working on The Batman and that is almost certainly going to come out before Flashpoint. But Casey Affleck did tease that his brother Ben was getting ready to step away from the DC Universe. It's most likely that Ben Affleck will keep the cape on for at least one more movie. But, beyond that, who knows? We'll know for sure when Justice League arrives on November 17. You can check out the full video for yourself below.