This is not what many DC fans want to hear, but it looks like the Blu-ray/DVD release of Justice League will contain just one deleted scene not featured in the theatrical cut of the movie. Fans have been actively petitioning for an extended director's cut of Justice League ever since it was released. Specifically, they want to see Zack Snyder's cut of the movie, since what was released was a Frankenstein of sorts that melded what Snyder did with what Joss Whedon did. It looks increasingly less likely that is ever going to happen.

Even though we may not get a Zack Snyder director's cut of Justice League, we know that Warner Bros. is sitting on a ton of unused footage from the movie. So at the very least, many fans expected to probably get a decent batch of deleted scenes on the Blu-ray release. However, the Walmart exclusive version of the home video release has made its way online, and as the packaging boasts, the Blu-ray will contain a single "bonus scene."

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That's not to say that we'll never see more deleted scenes from Justice League. It could be that the Walmart release has a single, extra scene. But this makes it pretty clear that the director's cut that fans have been literally petitioning for isn't going to happen. At least not anytime soon, despite the fact that some reports have claimed such a release may be on the way.

It's entirely possible that Warner Bros. could release a version of the Justice League Blu-ray/DVD on January 30 that only contains a single deleted scene. Then, later on down the road, they could release some "ultimate edition" or something along those lines that includes much more bonus content, as a way to try and bolster profits. This has become more common with big movies. Disney and Lucasfilm did something similar with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which irritated many fans, but ultimately worked, as it increased sales. Since Justice League was a massive letdown for the studio at the box office, it would make some sense for them to try something like this.

That's purely speculative. The main thing to note here is that there's going to be a ton of stuff from the making of Justice League that never sees the light of day. Sorry to all of you who were hoping to see a few Superman scenes before they tried to (very poorly) CGI Henry Cavill's glorious Mission: Impossible mustache out of the movie. You can check out the Walmart exclusive box art for the Justice League Blu-ray for yourself below and, if you feel so included, Walmart is currently taking pre-orders.

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