It looks like Justice League is going to wrap up its box office run with a pretty disappointing haul. Relatively speaking, anyway. For most movies, taking in nearly $700 million worldwide would be an absolute home run, worthy of celebration. However, Justice League is not most movies and with Star Wars: The Last Jedi dominating the box office now for the rest of the year, the DC superhero flick is getting edged out and is nearing the end of its box office run.

With another $4.2 million added to its domestic total over the weekend, representing a 57 percent drop from the weekend prior, Justice League has now made $235 million total stateside. To put that in perspective, Star Wars: The Last Jedi brought in $220 million this weekend alone. With that taken into account, a new report predicts that Justice League will wind up with a grand total of around $675 million worldwide. If Justice League even manages to turn a profit, it'll be very small, but it's expected to represent a loss for Warner Bros.

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To arrive at this $675 million figure, the report looked at last year's Doctor Strange for comparison. The numbers for Justice League very closely mirror the Marvel Studios offering so far, which finished with $677 million worldwide. For a character that very few comic book fans had more than a passing familiarity with, that's pretty good. However, Justice League has Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in it, not to mention Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, who bring their own appeal. DC's live-action Justice League should have sailed past something like Doctor Strange.

Unfortunately, despite very expensive reshoots and mashing together Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon's footage for the movie, Justice League divided critics, but found love among fans. However, without a lot of praise to help carry it, which helped Wonder Woman succeed, audiences didn't turn up like Warner Bros. had hoped. As a result, the movie's $300 million production cost is going to wind up costing the studio money. Or, at the very least, eat into potential profits. Not to mention the implications for the DCEU moving forward. This certainly isn't what the studio or director Zack Snyder hoped for when they started shooting Justice League last year.

In terms of the DCEU, Justice League looks as though it will come in just ahead of Man of Steel, which brought in $668 million worldwide in 2013. As noted by Box Office Guru, Justice League has $634 million to its name right now and, should these predictions hold, it will finish well behind Suicide Squad ($745 million), Wonder Woman ($821.9 million) and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice ($873.3 million). That explains why Warner Bros. is said to be shifting things around with DC Films behind-the-scenes, but they're still going to move ahead with many of their planned DC movies, with Aquaman coming up next in December 2018.