Justice League is finally in theaters and the promotional campaign rages on, this time with a video showing the stars of the highly anticipated movie playing with their action figures, just in time for the holiday season. While Ezra Miller (The Flash), Ray Fisher (Cyborg), Jason Momoa (Aquaman), and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) seem absolutely ecstatic about their action figures, Ben Affleck (Batman) looks like he would much rather be somewhere else, doing anything except looking at a grim reminder of the Batman v Superman press tour debacle. Speaking of Superman, Henry Cavill is absent from the video, which could very well be because his action figure looks more like Benedict Cumberbatch.

The new video was released by Amazon to promote the new line of Justice League Mattel toys and as previously mentioned, everybody seems to be genuinely excited to check out their action figures and see their likeness in toy-form. Ezra Miller says, "I'm the happiest person who ever felt a feeling and the feeling is happy." Everybody is excited except Ben Affleck. When it's his turn to talk about his figure, he goes out of his way to talk about the miserable experience of wearing one of the Batman costumes. Affleck said, "There are two Batsuits in the movie, this is the tactical suit with the goggles. Very uncomfortable to wear, but fun to play with."

Even while promoting children's toys, Ben Affleck can barely keep a fake smile on his face. The uncomfortable smile will more than likely become the new "Sad Affleck" meme after the smoke clears from the Justice League promo tour ends. It has been rumored that Affleck will make his exit from the DCEU after promotion for Justice League and the awkward action figure video might be the icing on the cake for the actor who really just seems over the whole situation.

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In all fairness, Ben Affleck has been getting more questions about his own allegations of sexual misconduct as well as his old friend and champion Harvey Weinstein. In a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the actor deflected from the questions, asking, "isn't this supposed to be a comedy show?" But, there's none of those questions or questions about his departure from the DCEU present in the Mattel toys video, just a man and his action figure along with his costars enjoying seeing their likeness made into something that children all over the world will be playing with.

Justice League is currently number one at the box office, despite it being the least successful DCEU movie opening in its brief history, but it still has plenty of time to rake in the big money over the next handful of weekends before The Last Jedi opens. Ben Affleck has also expressed his fondness for more adult toys, admitting that he stole some Batarangs from the set of Justice League, which Warner Bros. then billed him for. So, maybe Affleck is just not into little kid's toys, even if they have his face on them. You can check out the awkward video below, courtesy of DC Fans YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick