As fans get ready to head back to theaters for a second viewing of Justice League over the holiday weekend, production designer Patrick Tatopoulos is showing off some early designs. The production designer unveiled artwork depicting an updated Batcycle, that ultimately wasn't seen in the finished movie. It isn't known how this unique vehicle may have fit into the story, or if scenes with these vehicle were actually shot and discarded. The production designer also unveiled some designs for the Flying Fox as well, the Batman aerial transport that actually was seen in the movie.

The images were revealed on Instagram, although Patrick Tatopoulos didn't offer any details about his work and why the Batcycle ultimately wasn't used in the movie. It also isn't known if, like previous versions of the Batcycle, this vehicle is one that actually detaches from the Batmobile. But given the new upgraded version of the Batmobile we see in Justice League, that seems highly-unlikely. Still, it seems likely that this vehicle wasn't used because there wasn't a practical reason to have that vehicle on his own, without the rest of the team, especially a vehicle that leaves Batman vulnerable to attack, unlike the heavily-armored Batmobile.

As for the Flying Fox, this massive aerial vehicle does get plenty of screen time in the movie, with Patrick Tatopoulos revealing in an August interview that the Flying Fox can fit, "three Batmobiles" in the massive cargo bay, the first of three separate floors of this ship. The second floor, "is like a cultural center, with computer terminals," according to Patrick Tatopoulos while the third story is the cockpit. As for the design, Patrick Tatopoulos revealed that he didn't want to create a "sleek airplane," adding that, "it needed to feel like an extremely avant-garde classic" that does have, "the maneuverability of a jet, but it can actually carry things" along with the full Justice League team.

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Even though this Batcycle wasn't used in this movie, there's no reason why it couldn't be used in the Justice League sequel, which J.K. Simmons revealed last month that the script is being worked on, although he wouldn't say who was actually working on the script. It's possible that this new vehicle could also be used in The Batman movie, which Matt Reeves is directing, but that hasn't been confirmed either. Still, this Batcycle does look like an amazing addition to Batman's fleet of vehicles including the Batmobile and the Flying Fox.

It will be interesting to see how Justice League fares over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, since it opened with $93.8 million, which is the lowest box office debut in DCEU history. It has now earned $130.8 million in its first full week in domestic theaters, and with an additional $185 million internationally, its global total stands at $315.8 million. Both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad posted huge second weekend drops, although Wonder Woman did not, so it will be interesting to see how much Justice League will drop. In the meantime, take a look at the artwork, courtesy of Patrick Tatopoulos Instagram.

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