Justice League hits theaters in exactly a month and, while the trailers have shown us quite a bit of action, it's clear that the movie is going to feature a lot of surprises. That's great, considering that so many trailers tend to ruin movies these days. However, it looks like a pretty major Justice League cameo may have just been ruined by The Big Bang Theory, of all things.

The Big Bang Theory is currently holding a contest branded as the Big Bang Justice League Geekstakes, which is actually well worth entering, if you're a Justice League fan. The prizes include $500 a day, a hometown screening of Justice League for 100 friends, and a trip for two to the Justice League premiere. So far so good. It's after you enter the contest where things get interesting. Those who enter are asked to spin a wheel to unlock a Justice League-themed clip from old episodes of the show. The wheel includes logos for all seven members of the team, including Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Superman and, that's right, Green Lantern.

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In the earliest days of the marketing for Justice League, director Zack Snyder shared an image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman that says, "unite the seven." However, even when we count Superman, who is eventually going to come back from the dead, that still only makes six. Green Lantern is seven. But the trailers haven't made any mention of him, save for Steppenwolf saying that Earth has "no Lanterns" in the Justice League trailer. So this little bit of promotion could have spoiled a pretty huge cameo, since no actor has been officially announced as Green Lantern yet and he's not officially been confirmed to be in the movie.

It's entirely possible that we're reading a bit too much into this, but it is at least a little suspicious that something officially tied to the Justice League marketing features Green Lantern in any capacity. Granted, hardcore fans have likely heard about this rumored cameo for months, as various reports have claimed that a member of the Green Lantern Corps., possibly not even Hal Jordan or John Stewart, is going to appear in the movie. But more casual fans likely would have been pretty surprised by the cameo.

This is still far from confirmed, but this does add a lot more fuel to the fire that we're going to see a member of the Green Lantern Corps. appear, at some point, in Justice League. Spoiled or not, we're not going to have to wait too much longer to see the possible cameo, as Justice League arrives in theaters on November 17. If you're not to mad about the spoiler, you can also enter the Big Bang Justice League Geekstakes, if you feel so inclined. You can check out the spin wheel that contains the potential Green Lantern confirmation for yourself below.