While the Justice League Blu-ray won't contain the mythical Zack Snyder cut, it will contain a special feature called The Return of Superman, which is made up of deleted moments possibly shot by Snyder and not Joss Whedon. In a new tease for the Blu-ray release, this 'deleted scene' is briefly featured, and it looks to shed some more light on a part of the Superman story that seemed to just come out of nowhere. It was announced this week after much speculation, that the Justice League Blu-ray will available March 13th after it arrives digitally exactly one month before.

The 29-second Blu-ray announcement teaser video released earlier this week showed a brief clip of the deleted scene, which features a suited-up Superman standing in the Fortress of Solitude. The 29-second Blu-ray announcement teaser video released earlier this week showed a brief clip of one of the new deleted scenes, which features a suited-up Superman standing in the Fortress of Solitude. The moment comes right after he is brought back by the other team members, with a shot that looks like it was meant to fall right between the Smallville-like scene he shares with Lois Lane and his mother Martha back at Kent farm, and the climactic, yet somewhat disappointing fight against Steppenwolf in Russia. There's not a lot going on in the clips it stands, but it offers a hint at how Superman's suit was repaired, and appears unaffected from Batman V Superman.

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For those who made it all the way through Batman v Superman, you'll remember that Superman was pretty brutally murdered after saving the world from Doomsday. A creature comes up and stabs the Man of Steel, which kills him and creates a pretty nice tear into the Superman suit, which is what we're concerned with here. When he shows up at the end of Justice League to fight with Steppenwolf, his suit looks brand new and obviously, we need to see how his suit was patched up and fixed or if it's a new one, or whatever.

DC and Justice League fans will get a brief look into what Zack Snyder's mythical cut would've looked like through the deleted scenes, learning how Superman sewed up his suit after returning from the dead. It isn't clear what the other scenes will be, but that news will more than likely be teased to promote the upcoming Blu-ray release in the weeks to come, much like the release of the previous DCEU movies. However, the only deleted scenes released on the Blu-ray will only focus on Superman and nothing else, so it might actually be just one long deleted scene.

Justice League was supposed to be the DCEU triumph, but it didn't turn out that way at all. Instead, it showed the fractures and faults with the way that it had been moving behind-the-scenes all along. Since the movie was released, there have been major structural changes at the DC Film division at Warner Bros. As for fans hoping and wishing for the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, it more than likely does not exist, so it might be wise to check out the concept art from the movie along with these Superman deleted scenes to see what you've been missing out on. Check out the tease of the Superman deleted scenes from Justice League below, courtesy of Warner Bros.' YouTube channel.