Over the weekend, we heard that most of the deleted scenes from Justice League featured Cyborg's backstory. We get to see what that looked like now in some leaked footage that is making its way across the internet. These deleted scenes, some of which haven't been completed, also give us a look at the Keirsey Clemons cameo that was axed from the movie.

The original runtime for Justice League was said to be nearly three hours. When Joss Whedon stepped into replace director Zack Snyder, that runtime was shaved down to exactly one hour and forty-nine minutes minus credits and post-credit scenes. That means over an hour of the movie is sitting unfinished in a Warner Bros. vault in Burbank. Now, some of the missing footage has popped up, and it gives us a better idea about Zack Snyder's original vision.

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Justice League was supposed to be the DCEU's most important movie, as it set up the connective universe, allowing all of the major DC players to share the screen. But the opening weekend came as a disappointment to the studio, bringing in the lowest DCEU box office numbers thus far. Some are already calling it a bomb. And there has been an outcry for Warner Bros. to release Zack Snyder's original director's cut. This is probably as close to that as we'll get.

After Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad both flopped amongst fans and critics while still being somewhat financially successful, Warner Bros. demanded that Joss Whedon cut the film to under two hours. This has sparked controversy amongst fans, especially after they got a look at the finished product. Someone on Vimeo has uploaded 6 deleted scenes. The coolest of which gives us Keirsey Clemons cameo as Iris West. We see Barry Allen rush into save her from a potentially fatal car accident. The other five scenes are given over to Ray Fisher's Cyborg, who's solo movie seems all but dead at this point.

Cyborg is seen learning to fly. We watch as he analyzes weapons data, and some scenes involving a virtual reality display. We also see Victor Stone controlling hundreds of missiles in a jaw-dropping moment that is quiet reminiscent of Magneto in X-Men: First Class.

The timing of these deleted scenes is surprising, as the movie just hit theaters this weekend. But the same thing happened with Batman V Superman, where a deleted Steppenwolf scene involving Lex Author was released for all to see. That deleted scene came directly from Warner Bros. This latest footage, however, was leaked, speculated to be from a disgruntled VFX designer contracted out to Warner Bros. It is presumed that these are all from Zack Snyder's original version of the movie.

There's no telling if Warner Bros. will cobble together another cut of Justice League. The studio released an extended R-rated cut of Batman V Superman during its home video release, which was praised by fans and helped further flesh out the story. justice League barley hobbled to the top spot at the box office this past weekend with $96 million. If there is money to be made, its possible we'll see a longer version of the movie at some point. Until then, we'll just have to watch these shoddy deleted scenes to get a better sense of what could have been, thanks to Vimeo and Paven Sia's Youtube channel.