Warner Bros.' Justice League can't catch a break during its opening weekend. It has been revealed that the movie is underperforming at the box office, arriving as the lowest domestic debut in the brief history of the DCEU. This has led many to speculate about the future of the extended universe. If that wasn't enough, critics have been tearing the movie apart, with a rogue group of fans starting a petition to see Zack Snyder's original cut of the movie, before Joss Whedon took over. Proving that you can't please everybody, a similar petition was started a year ago to remove Snyder from Justice League.

Hardcore DCEU and Zack Snyder fans have launched a change.org petition asking Warner Bros. to restore Snyder's original Justice League cut, together with Tom Holkenborg's (Junkie XL) score on home release. As of this writing, the petition has collected over 40,000 signatures.

DC Movie fan Roberto Mata from San Juan, Puerto Rico launched the petition, condemning changes that were made to the movie's score and runtime following Snyder's exit in May due to family tragedy. Joss Whedon stepped in to finish the project, and composer Holkenborg was replaced with Danny Elfman.

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The petition argues that "fans have been waiting for years" to see the "culmination" of Zack Snyder's vision, and "the 2hr runtime is disrespectful towards Zack Snyder's vision and towards the fans... fans deserve better; the version the director always intended, (rather) than half a film." The 2,400-word petition declaration often uses all caps and is quite the read if you have an extra 5 minutes to read the whole thing. The petitioners also have a huge problem with Danny Elfman's score, calling it "lazy, uninspiring, and unprofessional."

The problem is that it's unclear if the cut of Justice League that these fans are asking for even exists. Zack Snyder did likely have a cut of the movie at one point in production before he stepped down, as the petition describes, but that cut would have been an unfinished one, likely with in-progress visual effects work and placeholder music. The movie these fans are imagining, a complete work that fits Snyder's "vision" for Justice League, most likely doesn't exist and never did. Though Zack Snyder claims that he hasn't seen the movie yet, it has been said numerous times that Joss Whedon stuck very closely to Snyder's vision.

As previously mentioned, you definitely cannot please everybody and no matter which cut of Justice League that ever gets released will not matter. Some will hate it while others will love it and call it the best movie ever to be released in the history of movies. Zack Snyder hasn't seen it and that is mostly due to personal reasons, but it's not going to matter either way. When reviews state that it's marginally better than Batman v Superman, it's not a good thing. You can go over and sign the petition over at Change.org.

Kevin Burwick