The Justice League reshoots are underway and that means a few things. For one, as always with such undertakings, speculation is running rampant. Is the movie in trouble? How much of it is being reshot? Things like that. But reshoots are very common for movies of this scale these days, though, Justice League does have something of an interesting situation going on. Zack Snyder had to step away from the movie in order to tend to a personal tragedy, with Joss Whedon (The Avengers) stepping in to handle the reshoots and editing. No, he is not shooting the whole movie over again, but he may be adding some very cool stuff into it.

The folks over at DC World have gotten their hands on some set pics from the Justice League reshoots in the U.K. They may not look like much at a first glance, but DC fans with a keen eye may see something possibly very exciting. One of the pictures features a giant structure with a familiar, rough arch. Using a little bit of imagination, it is pretty easy to see that this structure could very well be the Hall of Justice. You can practically hear Bill Woodson saying, "Meanwhile, at the hall of justice," right now.

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For those who may not be familiar, the Hall of Justice made its debut in the Super Friends TV show. Not the most serious and gritty DC-based adaptation, but a beloved one by many. The home base for the Justice League was eventually brought into the world of DC Comics in Justice League of America in 2007, issue 7, to be exact. The Justice League is going to need a place to hang their hats, so why not bring in the Hall of Justice?

So, we can see that, even if that big structure isn't the Hall of Justice, that Joss Whedon is doing some relatively significant work on Justice League. That said, this is no time to panic. He also isn't going to be reshooting the movie entirely, nor is he going to destroy Zack Snyder's vision. This is something that has been reiterated many times since the news Whedon was taking over broke, but, given the recent internet chatter, the director couldn't help but make a joke about it on Twitter.

"Thank you @geoffjohns for asking me to reshoot the entire Justice League movie, I'm honored"

Some pretty clear and classic Joss Whedon sarcasm. Believe it or not, many fans thought he might be serious, which kind of shows just how crazy people go over reshoots. Geoff Johns responded in an equally jokey fashion. Though, there is virtually no way his response could have been construed as truth.

"Did I mention we're going to put Spider-Man and Scooby Doo in it?"

So there you have it, right from the man in control of the DCEU for Warner Bros and the guy who is finishing Justice League: this is still the movie they planned to make. It just might have the Hall of Justice in it, which would be pretty rad. You can check out all of the new set pics for yourself below, while you wait for Justice League to finally arrive in theaters on November 17. And as previously reported, yes, the Justice League soundtrack is being composed by Danny Elfman. So maybe some of what Goeff Johns and Joss Whedon say are true.