Just because you're not a superhero doesn't mean you can't dress like one. This fall, you'll be able to slip into a few new styles inspired by your favorite DC characters as Justice League gets ready to hit the big screen. A new collection of jackets and other items is hitting Hot Topic, and they're sure to make you the envy of all your friends and family, unless you're forty and wearing them on casual Friday. Not saying don't do that, but you may illicit some unwanted frowns and eye rolls.

Ok, so you can't be an Amazon princess or the fastest man on the planet. But you certainly can bite their style. And that's the plan with these latest articles of clothing, each based on characters that include Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. And these pieces of high fashion are extremely affordable, so you don't have to be Bruce Wayne to get a few Into your closet.

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The collection includes a line of jackets that feature the legendary iconography associated with Justice League and its team of super friends. There are styles tailored to fit most binary and non-binary individuals and will be available to purchase at the local Hot Topic in the mall or you can order them directly online. One jacket displays The Flash's lightning bolt, another has Wonder Woman's double W chest plate, and another is unmistakably fashioned after Batman.

Cyborg gets a cool bomber jacket, which is sure to be all the rage amongst your tech-suave friends. The arms are patterned after the robotic character's armor. And there is a faux-leather Aquaman jacket that has hints of the underwater superhero's iconic trident. These clothes go on sale starting today. With Justice League speeding into theaters November 17, just in time for Thanksgiving. So, you looking for something to pair up with that big family dinner? Impress Grandma with your cool comic book wardrobe.

Hot Topic is also offering a ton of DC Comics inspired shirts and pants to mix and match with these new jackets. You can check out the collection below. And then get all sweaty trying to figure out which one suits your personality and lifestyle best.

DC and Hot Topic also launched a similar clothes line when Suicide Squad hit theaters in August 2016. In other Justice League merchandise news, there are tons of new toys and weapons you can purchase at varying retailers across the country. This is going to be one DC Christmas if Warner Bros. has there way about it.

In Justice League, Bruce Wayne and newfound ally Diana Prince find their humanity restored in the aftermath of Superman's untimely death. Fueled by a fear of losing the planet, they enlist Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash to stop a global threat that could wipe out everyone. Together, this ragtag team takes a stand against a newly awakened enemy. Though strong as a group, it may just be too late for them to save the people of earth from an assault of catastrophic proportions. But then, an unexpected force of power returns to help turn the tide.

The Hollywood Reporter first dropped news of this cool Justice League clothing collection. You can see the images here.

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Batman Jacket Hot Topic
Cyborg Jacket Hot Topic
The Flash Jacket Hot Topic
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