Last month, a report claimed that Joss Whedon will not get a director credit for his work taking the helm of Justice League during the extensive reshoots, although it was believed the may get a writing credit for reworking the script. That report has been confirmed as accurate, with Warner Bros. recently sending out their fall movie preview to press members, which reveals that Joss Whedon will share a screenplay credit with Chris Terrio, with a Story By credit shared by both Chris Terrio and Zack Snyder, who retains sole directorial credit for the movie. Joss Whedon isn't listed as a producer or executive producer either, but it's possible that could change as we get closer to the November 17 release.

The Warner Bros. preview didn't reveal any additional information about this highly-anticipated Justice League movie, but earlier this week, a report made it clear that Justice League is a direct sequel to Batman v. Superman, and that the vision set forth by Zack Snyder is still in place. The report also claimed that the lengthy reshoots have dragged on for so long because of the actors' schedules, and that they haven't been shooting this whole time, with a "lot of downtime." It was also added that a majority of what fans will see on the big screen come November 17 will be what original director Zack Snyder shot, before he left the production due to a family tragedy.

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Earlier this month, Joe Morton, who plays Silas Stone, the father of Victor Stone/Cyborg (Ray Fisher), revealed that the reshoots added a lot more humor, which wasn't surprising given that Joss Whedon handled the script rewrites and he's known for his unique sense of humor. Joe Morton also added that the reshoots helped shape the new tone for the Cyborg character, who has previously been said to be the "heart" of this movie, which isn't terribly surprising since he represents one of the Mother Boxes that the villainous Steppenwolf is seeking for his boss Darkseid. Gal Gadot also added that the tone of the overall movie hasn't changed, although it seems the reshoots have sacrificed scenes featuring an important Batman v Superman character.

We had known for quite some time that Jesse Eisenberg was reprising his Batman v Superman role as Lex Luthor in Justice League, but it seems that fans won't get to see these scenes at all. A report from last week revealed that all of Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor scenes have been cut due to the reshoots, although it was never clear how large or small a role he had in Justice League to begin with. Regardless, with the emergence of Steppenwolf, and Darkseid looming as well, there just may simply have not been any room for another villainous character in Justice League, once Zack Snyder took over the reshoots.

There was also an interesting report from last week that claimed the rock group Imagine Dragons' new song entitled "Unite the Seven" from Justice League hints at a Green Lantern cameo, since there are only currently six members of the Justice League. Still, as far as we know, the Green Lantern character has not even been cast yet, and there has been talk that the Green Lantern Corps movie will feature both Hal Jordan and John Stewart, so even if there is a Green Lantern cameo in Justice League, it remains to be seen which Green Lantern will be part of the team.