Well, look who we have here. After a handful of posters and a whole lot of marketing material that has largely ignored the Man of Steel, Superman has officially arrived on a brand new poster for Justice League. Not only that, but a new trailer for the Justice League movie is also going to be arriving next month during San Diego Comic-Con.

The folks over at DC Extended Universe have unveiled what looks to be an official poster for Justice League which, unlike previous posters, actually features Superman. Unfortunately, he isn't rocking the black costume, which has been teased by Henry Cavill in the past, but this doesn't necessarily rule it out, either. The caption for the photo also claims that the second official trailer for the Justice League movie is going to debut at San Diego Comic-Con during Warner Bros. Hall H presentation on Saturday, July 22. Here's what they had to say about it.

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"Breaking News! #JusticeLeague Official Trailer 2 to debut at Comic-Con, Saturday, July 22!"

So mark your calendars, DC Fans. As for the poster, it hasn't yet shown up on any official social media channels for Warner Bros., so it could turn out to be nothing more than a pretty solid fan poster. Though, it does look pretty legitimate and, either way, it is pretty nice to see the whole gang together in one place. The only thing that's missing is a member of the Green Lantern Corps., preferably Hal Jordan or John Stewart, and the seven will officially be united. Maybe someone can edit Armie Hammer in there somewhere.

Justice League is currently undergoing reshoots in the UK under the direction of Joss Whedon (The Avengers), who is finishing up the movie for director Zack Snyder, who sadly had to step away due to a personal tragedy. There have been a lot of rumors surrounding just how significant these reshoots are, but Whedon and DC Extended Universe head Geoff Johns recently made some jokes about the situation on Twitter, seeming to indicate that everything's going smoothly and that these reshoots are more or less standard practice. This is still largely going to be Zack Snyder's movie and his vision for the Justice League. It was also recently announced that Danny Elfman, who scored both of Tim Burton's Batman movies, is going to be doing the soundtrack for Justice League. He is taking over for Junkie XL (Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Mad Max: Fury Road) who had been working on the movie previously, but has sinced moved on to do the new Tomb Raider movie instead.

We still have to wait until November 17 for Justice League to finally hit theaters, so there is probably still going to be one more trailer after the new one that drops at Comic-Con. Last year, Warner Bros. unveiled some footage that was pretty much the first trailer for Justice League, but wasn't billed as such. It was really just a way for the studio to make a very big impression. It definitely worked. While we wait for the new Justice League trailer to drop, be sure to check out the new poster for yourself below.