Justice League got a bit of positive press last weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. Not only did the new trailer blow away expectations, but star Ben Affleck reassured fans that he is sticking around as Batman and the cast put on a great show. Then a report surfaced that claimed the reshoots on Justice League are not only extensive and expensive but also complicated. The most noteworthy complication, oddly, was Henry Cavill's mustache, which was reportedly going to have to be digitally removed for Justice League since Paramount isn't going to let him shave until he's done with Mission: Impossible 6. Now, Henry Cavill has responded.

Henry Cavill took it upon himself to address this mustache fiasco via a pretty hilarious but insightful Facebook post on the matter. According to his post, there have been zero discussions about whether or not he can or cannot shave the mustache for the Justice League movie reshoots, which are being handled by director Joss Whedon, who took over for Zack Snyder after he stepped away over a personal tragedy. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"Dear followers, It is time to finally set the record straight in this moustache fiasco. Pictured above, is not a set on MI6 but is in fact the latest in a series of weapons being designed by Warner Bros and Paramount Studios to combat the entity known as 'Henry Cavill's Moustache'. There has been no discussion over whether to shave or not to shave for the JL reshoots, simply a relentless campaign to put an end to the seemingly inexorable conquest of this despotic 'stache. It is not a question of IF I should shave, it is a question of how can we possibly be victorious against such a beast without bringing our own doom raining down upon us. #MI6 #JusticeLeague #HenryCavillsMoustache #HopeIsAllWeHaveLeft #MoustacheImpossible"

We still have some questions and some fans may still have some concerns over these significant Justice League reshoots, but leave it to Henry Cavill and his use of social media to smooth things over a bit. The scheduling issues with the actors seems like it can be worked around, even if it will be difficult. But the fact remains, Cavill is rocking a serious mustache for Mission: Impossible 6. In-the-know DC fans will point out that Superman does not have a mustache. He might look pretty cool with one, but he does not have one. So that will need to be dealt with.

There is the bigger issue at hand when it comes to Henry Cavill's Superman in Justice League which is dealing with the fact that he is still dead. We know he's going to come back, we just don't know how yet. Maybe he'll be rocking a mustache and a black costume? We'll have to wait until November 17 to find out for sure. You can check out his full Facebook post for yourself below.

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Ryan Scott