Justice League production designer Patrick Tatopoulos has shared some more concept art of Ray Fisher's Cyborg. Tatopoulos has worked with Zack Snyder several times over the years and it is believed they will be working together again in the future. Both men have an attraction to the darker elements in their projects and it really looks like Cyborg was going to have a much larger part in the DC ensemble movie and that is was going to be a lot darker from what ended up on the big screen.

Patrick Tatopoulos' Cyborg concept art is something that he shared "just for fun." The Justice League character can be seen in mostly dark red and black with some religious undertones. It's a rather haunting image and it seems like it would fit in perfectly with the artwork of the band Tool. It actually looks similar to one of their album covers for the odds and ends album Salival, which featured artwork by guitarist Adam Jones. Looking at Tatopoulos' artwork along with what Zack Snyder has shown recently, proves the Justice League that ended up on the big screen was far different than originally planned.

Zack Snyder's images of a scene from his cut involving Cyborg were recently put up online and they tie into the emotional story arc for the character. The director has been sharing his original vision for Justice League pretty much ever since it hit theaters, which is going on two years now. DC fans have been calling on Warner Bros. to release the Snyder Cut and have created a full blown movement out of the situation. Snyder has admitted that a cut does indeed exist and keeps teasing what he had planned.

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With Zack Snyder's continued teasing, along with Patrick Tatopoulos piling on too, the Release the Snyder Cut group is only going to get more fired up. They just raised over $20k to pay for representation at San Diego Comic-Con, which saw them using a plane to fly a banner asking Warner Bros. to release the original Justice League. Additionally, the money has been put to good use as they donate it to suicide awareness groups. With that being said, we're going on two years and the studio doesn't seem like they are going to release the Snyder Cut any time soon, if at all.

Patrick Tatopoulos started working with Zack Snyder on 2013's Man of Steel and then worked on all of the DCEU projects with Snyder. The production designer has also worked on Alien vs. Predator, Stargate, Independence Day, and Underworld. While the Snyder Cut of Justice League doesn't look like it's going to happen, it's nice to see Snyder and Tatopoulos still sharing what the original game plan was before Snyder exited the project and handed it over to the studio and Joss Whedon. You can check out the latest look at Cyborg below, thanks to Patrick Tatopoulos' Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick