Justice League is almost here. After a very long wait, with some fans wanting this their entire lives, DC's famous super team is going to be appearing on the big screen in live-action form for the very first time on November 17. The big question remains, are we going to see the whole team together in the Justice League movie? A recently leaked track listing for the Justice League soundtrack may very well confirm that Green Lantern will join up with Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash, Aquaman and Superman to unite the seven.

The track listing briefly appeared on the Justice League IMDB page but was quickly removed. However, some Imagine Dragons fans managed to get a screenshot of the listing and posted it to a fan page for the band on Reddit. According to this track listing, Imagine Dragons have recorded a song for the movie titled Unite the Seven, which heavily implies that Green Lantern is going to make his DCEU debut in Justice League.

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This is far from the first we've heard of a member of the Green Lantern Corps. appearing in Justice League. For months we've heard that some version of the character, of which there are many, will be appearing during a key sequence in the movie. It isn't likely to be Hal Jordan or John Stewart, who are the most well-known Green Lanterns and are going to be the main characters in the upcoming Green Lantern Corps. movie. But it could be one of the other members showing up to help the other super friends take down Steppenwolf. In any case, it is hard to imagine a song called Unite the Seven would be on the Justice League soundtrack if we are only going to see six members of the team on screen.

One of the other noteworthy tracks from the listing comes from Kendrick Lamar. The song is titled Resurrection and that can really only mean one thing. As DCEU fans know, Superman met his demise at the hands of Doomsday in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, it has been promised that Henry Cavill will return as the Man of Steel in Justice League. How that will happen remains a mystery, but Kendrick Lamar's Resurrection is pretty transparently in reference to Superman's return from the dead. Once he's alive, the only member missing in order to fully unite the seven is a Green Lantern.

Early in the marketing for Justice League, director Zack Snyder was using the phrase unite the seven, but that disappeared somewhat quickly. Perhaps in order to try and keep this Green Lantern cameo a surprise, but it looks like this is going to wind up being a pretty poorly kept secret. In any case, getting to see Green Lantern on screen for the first time in the DCEU and to actually have the full team assemble in Justice League is a big deal. You can check out the full leaked track listing for yourself below. And be sure that it's not in reference to Lex Luthor, who was just cut from the movie.