If rumors about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are true, fans will get their first look at a newly formed superhero ensemble at the end of this adventure, before Justice League (November 11, 2017) and Justice League Part 2 (June 14, 2019) debut. While fans still have nearly three years to wait for the first Justice League movie, a new rumor has surfaced from Tech Times claiming that a script has already been turned in. Although, it does have some problems. Mainly that it is far 'too long and complicated' for the average moviegoer to comprehend. While comic book fans shouldn't have any issues following the story, its explained that "fans are the minority here." According to this report, the screenplay will need to be 'simplified'. This rumor also says that Vril Dox, the original identity of Brainiac in the New 52 comics, is the villain.

In the original comics, Vril Dox was a descendant of the original Brainiac, but he was changed to the alien who first becomes Brainiac in the New 52 reboot comics. The movie is reportedly going by the name Justice League: Brainiac's Saga, with Justice League Part 1 marking the first time Brainiac has ever been seen on the big screen. While this has not been confirmed by Warner Bros. or DC Comics, this report does fall in line with an October story that claimed Justice League writer Chris Terrio (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Argo) is using Brainiac as the main Justice League villain, whose presence will be set up at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That report also revealed that another important villain, Darkseid, is, "being saved for later."

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It isn't known at this time if Chris Terrio is working on another draft of the Justice League script, of if Warner Bros. is seeking a new writer to take over the project. Of course, even if Brainiac/Vril Dox is the Justice League villain, it isn't clear yet how he will fit into the story line. Are you glad that Brainiac may be the main nemesis in the two-part Justice League movie? Do you think it should be called Justice League: Brainiac Saga? Chime in with your thoughts below.