Warner Bros.' Justice League still managed to perform well, despite a middling critical reception and the lowest box office opening weekend of the four DCEU movies released so far. Shortly after the release, a group of fans put together a petition for Warner Bros. to release Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League. While many have said that this cut doesn't exist in any proper form, it appears there is an alternative cut for the movie that doesn't have as many jokes. During his new Fatman on Batman podcast, filmmaker and hardcore DC fan Kevin Smith offered fresh details about this darker cut, which had screened before the theatrical cut came. Here's what Kevin Smith had to say, when a fan asked if he thought Warner Bros. would release the Zack Snyder cut on home video.

"There's a petition online with something like 250,000 signatures saying put out the Snyder cut. I think it's ridiculous not to. Sell the version of the movie that people are familiar with theatrically, then wait six months and hit 'em with the Snyder vision. What's the worst that can happen? Everybody goes, 'You f---ed up' and Warner Bros. goes, 'Yeah, I guess' but it's in their rear-view, they're working on something else. It's just another stream of revenue for them. I think they'd be bat-shit crazy, pun intended, for them to not put out Zack's vision, which I read an article about, thank you for bringing it up. It was a breakdown of what's missing from the movie. 'These scenes were done before the reshoots and were shown to WB executives.' This piece comes from Superhero Talk Site and he says the opening was longer, it began with Bruce recruiting Aquaman. It was basically the same scene in the theatrical version, but some scenes were cut. Aquaman was originally much more shut off to Bruce here. Deleted, Barry Allen saving Iris West by breaking the glass. Apparently there's a whole f---ing scene of him saving Iris West. Longer, history lesson, what I was most surprised by is the WB cut out dialogue of scenes with Green Lantern, Zeus and Ares. On the battlefield, when they flash back and s--t, Lantern said something and so did Zeus and so did Ares."
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Kevin Smith has recently praised Justice League on another one of his many podcasts, but it's clear the filmmaker would have liked to have seen these scenes in the final cut of the film. He also added that there was another deleted scene with Steppenwolf, where, after he took the Mother Box from Themyscira, he actually talks to the Box. His mother Hegra's essence is alive in the Mother Box and all three combined would give him more power and an edge over his uncle Darkseid. There are other scenes with Victor Stone's (Ray Fisher) early life before being turned into Cyborg. The report also revealed there was a whole scene with Vulko (Willem Dafoe). Another deleted scene is where the whole League visits the Batcave and Alfred (Jeremy Irons) has various reactions to the team. There is also another deleted scene that is reportedly in the middle of the movie, that seemed to anger Kevin Smith quite a bit.

"Deleted, this is in the middle of the f---ing movie, are you ready for this? Deathstroke breaks Lex out of prison. Why the f--k would you cut that out? Oh my God, I question everybody's sanity. They part ways because the cops are hot on their trail, deciding to meet up later at a location they discuss, which was the scene on the f---ing boat."

There is another scene he mentions where Superman brings Lois Lane to Kent Farm and he is still confused about coming back to life, and another where Kevin Costner's Pa Kent comes back in a fantasy sequence. There are also details about an original post-credit scene that was cut in post, where Batman is at his lake house and awakened by a green light, where he's visited by Kilowog and Tomar Ray. Still whether or not Warner Bros. will release this cut or not remains to be seen, but you can check out the whole bit with Kevin Smith on Kevin Smith YouTube, which starts at the 1:55 mark.