Justice League has officially screened. That means Joss Whedon, after months of reshoots and a whole lot of retooling, has finally managed to get an assembly cut of the movie together. Unfortunately, everyone that saw the movie had to sign very intense non-disclosure agreements, so full reactions to the movie have not been revealed online. But we do have a single reaction to the movie to go on. And, well, it's probably not what most of your want to hear.

Comicbook.com was able to get word from an unnamed individual who attended this Justice League screening held by Warner Bros. According to that unnamed person, one of the most highly-anticipated movies of 2017 is "fine." That's the extent of reactions that we have at this point and it is just one anonymous reaction. So we can't really base a lot off of that, but if Justice League is just "fine," that isn't likely to cut it for most DC fans who are looking forward to this movie.

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Joss Whedon has been hard at work doing additional photography for Justice League ever since Zack Snyder was forced to step down over a personal tragedy. The initial indication was that Whedon was going to handle some standard pickups and usher the movie through the editing process. It has turned out to be much more substantial than that. While Snyder will still retain his directing credit, Whedon did enough work to earn a writing credit for Justice League. After all of the additional work, he has finally managed to get a cut of the movie together that Warner Bros. felt confident enough to screen.

That is the important element here. We aren't going to see reactions to Justice League online in the next few days or anything like that, and certainly not from this screening. But after all of the trouble during production, the movie is done. Warner Bros. is very likely going to start screening the movie for critics next month ahead of the November 17 release. Even though additional scenes were still being shot very recently, the studio had no interest in moving the release date and Joss Whedon has a deadline to meet. As for when reactions are going to wind up online? That very well depends on the quality of the movie. If Justice League is great, expect them sooner. If not, maybe just a few days ahead of the release.

No matter what the result, after a very long time discussing the Justice League movie, its arrival is imminent and Joss Whedon got the job done. Good or bad, he is going to quite responsible for the result. So you may want to consider heaping just as much praise and/or criticism his direction and not just at Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. Let's just hope that this can keep the DCEU hot streak going after Wonder Woman.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott