Update: When we contacted Fandango, a spokesperson stated that the site was conducting some "brief scheduled maintenance" at the same time that some fans were trying to purchase their Justice League tickets. The maintenance was reportedly unrelated to the demand for Justice League pre-sale tickets.

If you're excited about seeing Justice League, now is the time to get the lead out, DC fans. Warner Bros. has officially released pre-sale tickets for the highly-anticipated superhero movie and they're expected to sell fast. There should be plenty of tickets to see the movie throughout its opening weekend, but if you want to get into the earliest Thursday night screenings, you're going to want to get on the ball. And fast.

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Unfortunately, the high demand for Justice League tickets has already led to some fan issues. Several people on Twitter claimed that popular ticketing site Fandango has already been crashing as a result of the number of people trying to purchase their tickets for the movie. Word spread fast and fans flocked to the ticketing site in droves. Similar crashes have occurred for big movies in the past and, if true this time around, some DC fans may have been delayed in getting their tickets, even though they were trying to be on top of things. Sadly, that's just the way it goes for these major event movies sometimes in the modern age.

Similar issues have been reported by Fandango users when movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens released their pre-sale tickets. The good news for Warner Bros. is that means demand for Justice League tickets is high and that should mean Justice League will have a massive opening weekend at the box office. While early predictions didn't have the movie topping Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, official tracking is expected to arrive online any day now and, given the demand we've seen today, don't be surprised if the numbers get bumped up a bit.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice brought in more than $166 million on its opening weekend last year, but the movie experienced a massive drop-off in its second weekend. That, in no small part, was thanks to the miserable critical reaction to the movie and the division amongst fans. That provided little in the way of positive word of mouth, leading to a quick downturn in ticket sales. If Justice League can at least garner decent reviews, it should be able to avoid the same fate and manage to outgross Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice overall. The reviews are going to be a major factor for this movie's success.

Even though Joss Whedon stepped in to handle editing and reshoots (which were extensive), Zack Snyder remains the sole credited director on Justice League. With tickets now on sale, it's a reminder that, after a long time of simply being able to talk about it and wait for it, the long-awaited Justice League movie is finally going to be in theaters on November 17. If you want to grab your tickets for opening weekend, you can head on over to http://www.fandango.com/justice-league-2017-190732/movie-overview?cjid=cj_11552950_4671876_%7CFandango, or your preferred ticket vendor, and get them now. Just cross your fingers and hope these reported crashes are under control.

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Ryan Scott