When the title Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was announced, many fans bashed it for various reasons. The two biggest factors being the v instead of a VS, and the fact that 'Dawn of Justice' made it sound cheap and dumb. There have been recent rumors that Justice League, the first in a two-part DC ensemble adventure, would also be getting a subtitle. Today, DC's Geoff Johns cleared up any misconceptions about this that fans currently have. And he announced the official title as just Justice League. Clean, crisp, smooth and simple.

The man who heads Warner Bros.' new DC Films division was forced to act once a series of titles started to float throughout social media. The original rumor sprang from the notorious Umberto Gonzalez, who classifies himself as a scoop hound always on the hunt. He claimed Warner Bros. and DC were mulling over four different titles. Thes included Justice League: United, Justice League: Angels & Demons, Justice League: Gods Among Us and Justice League: Gods Among Men. Geoff Johns had this to say on Twitter.

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"Clearing up any misconceptions -- the Justice League movie is called "Justice League". @BenAffleck @GalGadot @ZackSnyder Happy Friday!"

The DC movie universe, often referred to as the DCEU, is in a current state of flux. Batman V Superman wasn't the blockbuster Warner Bros. had intended, and since its release last March, the studio has done some in-house restructuring. This included making star Ben Affleck an executive producer on Justice League, with DC chief content officer Geoff Johns and Warner Bros.' executive vice president Jon Berg heading up the newly formed DC Films division.

One of the first steps, it seems, is distancing Justice League from Batman v Superman by chopping its title down to the bare minimum basics. There has never been, after all, a big screen version of Justice League, though Warner Bros. has tried over the years. The movie is currently shooting in the UK, and is the next DC Comics adventure after the recently wrapped Wonder Woman, and Suicide Squad which is just three months away from release this August.

The news that even the Part 1 is being removed from the Justice League title follows news from Marvel Studios that Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Part 2 are getting new titles. Today, it's being rumored that Infinity War Part 1 is being retitled Avengers 3, but that hasn't been confirmed by anyone in management. We'll have to wait and see how fans respond to the new Justice League title, but we suspect they'll be more accepting of it now that it has been scrubbed to its core and isn't a clutter of useless words. Less is more, right?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange