Back in July, we reported that Warner Bros. was courting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice writer Chris Terrio to pen the Justice League script as well. While the news was never officially confirmed, Latino Review's El Mayimbe appeared on today's edition of Meet the Movie Press, where he not only confirmed that Chris Terrio is writing the script, but he also dropped a new rumor about who the villain is, and how he will be introduced.

Do not read any further if you wish to avoid Spoilers!

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It is being reported that Brainiac will be the villain in Justice League!

"The hot rumor that I'm hearing, now that Chris Terrio is writing Justice League, Brainiac is going to be the bad guy in Justice League. The set-up of it is cool. Remember the Kryptonian beacon in Man of Steel, that Clark set off, that brought Zod to Earth? Brainiac heard it as well."

Many fans were assuming that Darkseid would be the main nemesis for the Justice League, but El Mayimbe also confirmed a report from August that the producers want to hold off using him for the moment.

"They're pushing him towards later."

He also said that the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will set up Brainiac's presence in Justice League.

Naturally, Warner Bros. has not and likely will not confirm if this rumor is true, but what do you think about Brainiac's possible involvement in Justice League?