As we wind down the year 2017, one group's campaign to get Warner Bros. to release the Justice League cut by original director Zack Snyder is just getting started. After launching an online petition to release Zack Snyder's Justice League cut, which may not even exist in the first place, this group has taken things to another level by launching a new website to continue their crusade. As of now, there is nothing on this site except a countdown to New Year's Day, when the site will supposedly launch in full, with a brief message stating that this website is still "under construction."

It's possible that this website was created because the official petition at is still short of the required 200,000 signatures, with just 164,000 signatures thus far. Before that happened, Zack Snyder showed his support for this petition. Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner also expressed his interest in seeing this cut of the movie, but despite the massive fan interest, there has been no indication from Warner Bros. yet as to whether or not a Zack Snyder cut will be released theatrically, or on home video, or none of the above.

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We reported last week that Justice League will end its box office run with an estimated $235 million domestic and $675 million worldwide, which isn't too far off its current numbers of $223.1 million domestic and $647.1 million worldwide. Those numbers, both domestic and worldwide, are the worst in the DCEU to date, along with the worst opening weekend ($93.8 million). This group of fans seems to think that Zack Snyder's vision was tainted by the Joss Whedon reshoots, who came on board to finish the movie when Zack Snyder had to leave the project following a family tragedy. While Warner Bros. hasn't stated anything official regarding this Zack Snyder cut, it's possible that this cut many people seem to be clamoring for, doesn't even exist.

A few weeks after the initial petition launched, an unnamed visual effects artist took to Reddit, claiming that there is no Zack Snyder cut of Justice League. This unnamed artist stated that there was an assembly cut, but it hadn't been touched in months, reiterating that Zack Snyder hadn't been a part of the post production process since March, two months before it was officially announced that Joss Whedon was taking over reshoots. There has been no official word from Warner Bros. about the existence of a Zack Snyder cut, and, if it does exist, whether or not the studio has plans on releasing it for public consumption at this point.

Even if this director's cut is released, it won't change the fact that the movie was quite the disappointment, with one box office analyst even going so far as to claim the movie is the most successful box office bomb of all time. It has also seemingly altered the studio's DCEU course, since both the Justice League sequel and Cyborg movie were left off the studio's slate during a Warner Bros. panel at Comic Con Experience in Brazil. You can visit now, but check back in the new year for more updates.