Though he's listed as the sole director of Justice League, Zack Snyder has admitted that he has not seen the movie, which debuted in theaters this week. Snyder left the project earlier this year for personal reasons and Joss Whedon took over, leading many to wonder how much was altered when the project changed hands. There have been arguments claiming that Whedon went in and totally changed Snyder's vision while others speculate that the movie didn't really change all that much, and that Whedon was faithful to Snyder's initial vision.

A Vero social media user recently chatted with Zack Snyder and took a screenshot of the conversation to share. In the conversation, Snyder admits that he hasn't seen Justice League since he left the project and does not give a reason for not seeing the movie. However, the director goes on to say that he wishes that he could have completed the trilogy. Snyder explains.

"I will be honest, I have not seen the film since I stepped away. You know I love these characters. I wish only I could only finish it for you and the others who love MOS, BvS."

What's a little more than interesting is that the fan who started the conversation is clearly bashing Joss Whedon and Snyder doesn't come to his defense. Instead, the director claimed that he has not seen the movie.

The fact that Zack Snyder hasn't seen Justice League is more than likely because it was his baby and then he had to hand it off for somebody else to finish. The reasoning could be similar to the reason why Edgar Wright won't watch Ant-Man. Though many claim that Snyder's vision is intact, there could have been numerous edits and changes to the scenes that Snyder would have kept the same, in line with his directorial style. Zack Snyder is clearly upset that he was not able to finish Justice League.

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The news comes after Zack Snyder fans started a petition to see his original cut of Justice League, believing that Joss Whedon trashed Snyder's version of the movie. Much like the critical response, fans are split between either loving the movie or flat out hating it and the petition starters are clearly the latter. At the time of writing this article, 6,300 people have signed the petition. The goal was originally at 1,500 signatures, but has been extended to 7,500. In addition to Snyder's cut of the movie, the petition also calls for the planned score from Junkie XL to accompany it.

It seems unlikely that we'll ever get to see Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League, but that could be for the best. And as far as Snyder watching the movie, he might not want to watch it, which is completely understandable. Regardless, Justice League is finally out in theaters right now and it seems the majority of DC fans are enjoying it. You can check out the screenshot of Zack Snyder's comments on the movie below, via Imgur.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick