Justice League is now available to watch in the privacy of your own home with a high definition Blu-ray release, and an eagle-eyed viewer has revealed that you can see some nudity from Steppenwolf. Though the high definition release looks pretty stellar, it still does not help the CGI in the movie. However, this new discovery proves that the digital effects budget may have gone into details that we weren't meant to see on the big screen.

The moment comes when Steppenwolf is engaged in battle with the Justice League over the Mother Boxes. The shot in question comes when Wonder Woman is knocked off of a ledge and then stuns Steppenwolf with a blast from her golden lasso around his leg. The brief scene shows off Steppenwolf's naked ass, which is pretty surprising. Maybe there wasn't enough budget to throw some evil underpants on him. It does seem that it would have been pretty easy to turn Henry Cavill's mustache into some form of underwear for the villain, or at least a stylish thong.

The CGI of Justice League has continuously gotten knocked by critics and fans. After having a hefty budget, many were expecting something otherworldly, but ended up with a terrible, distracting CGI upper lip to remove the mustache from Superman along with a Steppenwolf that looked like he came right out of a 1970s Scooby-Doo cartoon. While there has been a lot of debatable controversy surrounding the movie, the CGI debacle is something that everybody has been able to agree upon, even original director Zack Snyder. As for the nudity, it's just Steppenwolf's butt, it's really not that big of a deal.

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One DC fan called out Justice League for its terrible depiction of Steppenwolf, before we could see his butt, in a tweet that Joss Whedon took time to like, which caused quite the backlash. Whedon came on board after Snyder and is looked at as the enemy of the project along with Warner Bros. Conspiracy theorists believe that Whedon and the studio ruined Zack Snyder's initial vision. So, when a fan caught Joss Whedon liking a tweet that trashed the movie, many people were not happy. Fans were calling Whedon "despicable" and claiming that he ruined the movie, which led him to "unlike" the tweet.

Whatever your stance on Justice League may be, there's still Easter Eggs to be found. They're probably not all as cool as spotting Steppenwolf's bare ass illuminated by Wonder Woman's golden lasso, but not much is that cool anyway. Justice League is now available for purchase wherever you buy your stuff from these days, so go out and buy one and see what other hidden treasures are there, just waiting to be found. You can check out Steppenwolf's butt from Justice League (if you're into that kind of thing) below, courtesy of the Joker Movie Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick