Stuff is reporting that Weta Workshops will be producing the costumes for the upcoming Warner Brothers film Justice League of America. They will be designing suits for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash.

The film will be shot in Sydney, Australia later this year. Australian George Miller is in the director's seat for the project. Producer Barrie Osborne stated about Weta, "They are doing all the costumes and they're doing a brilliant job. A lot of people thought it would be too hard, that you can only make those things in Hollywood."

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Osborne also went on to mention that Weta Digital might be involved in the film's visual effects. At this point, their involvement depends on Warner Brothers' commitment to the project. Barrie went on to say, "George Miller has a great take on the material, so it elevates it to something that's not a comic-book movie. At the heart of it is a love story, but with a lot of action. It is an exciting film and a different kind of film."

A release date has yet to be announced for the film, but it will most likely open in the summer of 2010.