The superhero-laden Justice League of America (JLA) movie, may not be a live-action film, according to The site has contacted several sources at ILM and other special-effects companies to verify a scoop that Sony Imageworks is in the running to work on JLA "for an all-cgi 'photo-real' motion capture movie, much like the upcoming Beowulf."

The Justice League comprises most of the known superhero characters who join forces to fight crime and injustices in the world.

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Christian Bale (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) has stated he has not been approached to reprise his role as Batman in the JLA movie nor any hints that Bryan Singer or Brandon Routh are involved in the project, where sequels are currently scheduled for a third Batman film and a second Superman movie.

The site adds "This would put our League of Superheroes in a world much like Paramount's Beowulf or Cameron's Avatar, where they could hire any actor they wanted and tweak and change them accordingly. Now a real-looking cgi JLA does seem likely, but I wonder what will become of Man of Steel given that Imageworks won't be returning for that project. I know there were some rumblings within the company that Singer wasn't satisfied with their work on Superman Returns and is looking elsewhere for the sequel (ILM would be my preferred choice...but can Singer afford them?) and with Spider-Man 4 on hold (another Imageworks project), a mo-cap JLA would become their only major project for the next few years."

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