In 2017, we're getting both the first ever Justice League movie from DC Films and Warner Bros., as well as a brand-new Power Rangers movie reboot from Lionsgate and Saban. While these two teams of superheroes won't be meeting on the big screen anytime soon, they will team-up in a brand new comic book, also arriving in 2017. And it sounds pretty amazing.

The series is titled Justice League/Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, and it's coming from DC Comics. The first issue will arrive on newsstands and in comic book stores nationwide January 2017. The crossover title is a miniseries that runs six-issues. And it will of course feature all of the characters you know and love from both properties, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

January is actually a pretty busy month for Justice League. The World's Greatest Heroes will have to battle the Suicide Squad in the second half of that crossover comic. Then they will move onto dealing with the super-powered teenagers of Angel Grove High School. Tom Taylor, best known for The Deep and Injustice: Gods Among Us, is writing the Justice League/Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers crossover miniseries comic book. Stephen Byrne will be responsible for the art.

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The storyline follows the Black Ranger, who ends up in the DC Universe after the Power Rangers' teleporters are severely damaged. This is a result of the Power Rangers' command center having been broken into. The other Rangers must devise a way to save their friend. Eventually, Batman is forced to step in and investigate the arrival of this new mysterious teen in a power suit.

DC Comics is partnering with BOOM! Studios on this crossover comic. They currently hold the license for Power Rangers. DC's SVP Editorial Strategy and Administration Hank Kanalz said this in a statement.

"DC and BOOM! Studios teaming up on this crossover is a dream come true for fans of Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Justice League,. Stories like this are a great way to have that 'what if' itch scratched, combining favorite characters from different publishers in epic adventures."

Each of the six Justice League/Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers issues will be available with two different covers. Their will be a regular cover by Gotham Academy's Karl Kerschl. The alternate cover will pair one Power Ranger with a DC hero. These alternate covers are being created by a variety of iconic artists that include Marguerite Sauvage, Chris Sprouse and Teen Titans Go! artist Dan Hipp. The new Power Rangers movie hits theaters this March, with the first-ever Justice League movie coming in November 2017.

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