Warning: If you've made it into the third weekend without seeing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, just know there will be spoilers. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has elicited many things from a host of moviegoers. There are those who loved it and saw it as groundbreaking. There are those who feel it didn't quite meet expectations. And there are the critics, who absolutely hated it! One way or another, if you saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you certainly felt SOMETHING.

It would be hard to watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and not think about how DC might handle their Justice League franchise. Let's be honest, right now Marvel is clearly winning the hearts and minds of moviegoers. To use an animation analogy, they are Pixar while DC is everybody else. Yet, the Justice League movie just might be their trump card.

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With characters like Batman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Wonder Woman, one can only imagine how DC will handle the cinematic smackdowns and necessary character development that has to unfold. How will these characters relate? How much will they compliment each other? Will the pairing of all these characters be too much of a good thing?

Now that we've gotten past those questions...With today's VFX, one can only imagine the things Aquaman will be able to do? The same goes for the The Flash? Think about how we've seen these characters on the big and small screen before. Won't it be awesome to see a really good Wonder Woman movie? How about Cyborg's big screen treatment?

So, despite how you felt about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, forgetting its opening weekend haul, ignoring the fact that it supposedly had one of the sharpest viewer drop offs (from Friday to Sunday) in the history of movies, Justice League has a lot of anticipation behind it. It is an event movie that comic book lovers have been salivating for since it first hit stands nearly five decades ago. It is with this in mind that we give you "7 Reasons Why Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Has Us Excited for Justice League.

The Rebirth of Superman


As Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ends, we see grains of dirt slowly rise off the deceased Man of Steel's coffin. It doesn't take more than a gander at IMDB to see that Henry Cavill is going to return in Justice League. The question is how? Will we be treated to a gripping shot of a mound of dirt, only to see Superman's hand explode out of it? Will lightning strike his grave and reanimate him as it has Jason Vorhees, and so many other big screen icons? However it happens, one thing is for sure, some moviegoers will be delighted and others will be furious at what Director Zack Snyder has done again. The possibilities are endless for how this will be achieved and it is reason number one that Justice League fans are salivating.

The DCEU vs Marvel's Avengers

DCEU vs Marvel

At first glance, this might not seem like a big deal. Movies based on DC properties have been with us forever. While this is true, as has been mentioned above, the stakes for DC have never been higher. Marvel is ruling the roost. The fact that their films are attracting top tier talent (not just name, bankable talent but good actors), has upped the entire game for this whole genre. DC needs to do something extraordinary and the Justice League film is the jewel in the crown. Seeing Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the others all share the screen together needs to be epic. It needs to feel important. It needs to be better than Marvel's The Avengers. The fans of this franchise need Justice League to be this way. The game changing nature of what Justice League could be is part and parcel of this film's anticipation factor and excitement.

New Batsuit and Bat Gadgets


Batman seemed to have two suits in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. There was the regular suit he wore for most of the film, then there was the metal suit that gave him an almost robotic feel. If history is any indicator, Snyder will probably pay homage to the past (i.e. Tipping the hat to fan's expectations) while also going in his own direction. Some people love this, others find it frustrating, but it's always, always anticipated. Batman needs to be able to move. He needs to be spry. At the same time, he must look like an Adonis. He's got to be the ultimate warrior for humanity. Straddling these expectations should provide fans and newcomers with plenty to be excited about in regards to The Dark Knight's look. And we hear he's getting a first-ever Bat submarine. How cool is that?

The Flash Comes to the Big Screen

The Flash

With the exception of the current TV show airing on The CW, fans of The Flash (and the property itself) haven't been given the right treatment. The Flash movie aims to change that and Justice League will only serve to add the right gravitas. The Flash has long been a character that never has seemed to have gotten the same treatment as Batman or even Aquaman. (One could argue that Aquaman is even more deserving to see itself blasted to the silver screen by the DC machine). If everything goes as DC is planning, should this shared universe thing pan out in their favor, The Flash just might be the hottest ticket going in the next five years.

A New Commissioner Gordon

Commissioner Gordon

J.K. Simmons is always good. He's a great actor that has largely been underused in the superhero realm. Sure, he played J. Jonah Jameson in the Sam Raimi directed Spider-Man films, but an actor of his caliber deserves more. Think about how differently we look at Gary Oldman since he inhabited the role of Commissioner Gordon in the Christopher Nolan Batman world? It's almost like Oldman, who had had an illustrious career before that, reinvented himself by playing opposite Batman. J.K. Simmons has a chance to take the Commissioner in another direction. Where Oldman was heartfelt, Simmons might be hardcore? Where Oldman held his ground, Simmons might be willing to bend? It is this x-factor that has people wondering how the characters in Justice League (ALL the characters) will continue to evolve. Which leads us to...

The Continued Adventures of Jeremy Irons as Alfred


Michael Caine was everything one expects Alfred to be. He was loving, caring and he wasn't afraid to give Batman some tough talk when it was appropriate. This was perfect for the Christopher Nolan films. In the realm of Zack Snyder, one has to wonder what Irons has up his sleeve for the role of everybody's favorite butler. More than anything, it seems like this new Alfred's life doesn't revolve around Batman. If this turns out to the case, if we can actually see inside the inner workings of this private man, how might Alfred's life play into Batman's fate as Justice League moves forward?

Can the DCEU Compete with the MCU?

Marvel DC

This is perhaps the most important question on everybody's mind. It certainly has the bean counters up at night! It recalls the dialogue in Pulp Fiction about being either a Beatles person or an Elvis person. Which company are you behind? DC or Marvel? Comic book fans have been asking one another this question since the comics were first printed. Sure, there are fans of both DC and Marvel, but there are always those who love one more than the other. The question of Justice League vs. The Avengers is even more intriguing because both sides have just as much to lose. Those in the Marvel camp want Marvel to continue their reign at the box office. Those in the DC camp would love nothing more than for Justice League to deliver such a strong cinematic punch, that it forces Marvel to recognize it as the threat it is. Thus paving the way for bigger and perhaps better DC films.

What'd you think? How much are you looking forward to the Justice League movie? Did we tap into your excitement level? What'd we miss? Are you too Marvel to care? Let us know and remember... It's only a movie!