Filmmaker Zack Snyder took to his Vero account to publicly send greetings to Ben Affleck on his birthday on August 15. Snyder attached an image with his message, depicting Affleck as Batman from his upcoming director's cut of Justice League, in which Batman stands silent and brooding in front of the Batmobile in a black and white shot.

Snyder's message is sure to thrill fans even more than Ben Affleck since it provides yet another glimpse at the reinvention of Justice League's Batman that Snyder has planned for his film. While many DC fans consider Affleck the best actor to don the mantle of the caped crusader, they also feel his character was not done justice in the theatrical release of Justice League, where the Dark Knight was turned into a joking, quippy proto-MCU hero instead of the brooding lone wolf audiences got to see in Batman V Superman.

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There was a time when Affleck was expected to reprise his role as Batman in a solo movie he was attached to write, direct and star in. After the disappointing reception to Justice League in 2017, Affleck walked away from the solo Batman feature, and the script for the project was reworked by Matt Reeves, who was brought on board to helm the movie instead.

Now, some fans are hoping that the arrival of Zack Snyder's Justice League at HBO Max next year could signal the return of Affleck to the DCEU. Unfortunately, the hope is very likely in vain, since the 48-year-old actor had said during a past retrospective of his career for GQ, that he has moved on from the superhero genre.

"I sort of had my fill of that [being Batman]. I found that I had kind of at some point lost my enthusiasm or passion for it. I was like 'this should really be made by somebody for whom it's their wildest dream come true.' For me, it had become something different and it was clear to me that it was time to move on."

Still, while Affleck is unlikely to return to the DCEU, the actor has fond memories of his time spent working with Zack Snyder on Batman V Superman and Justice League before the filmmaker was forced to drop out of the project.

"I had a better time on 'Batman v Superman,' which I really enjoyed doing, and 'Justice League' was unfortunately touched by personal tragedy and a death in Zack's family. Like I say, sometimes things work and gel and sometimes you just seem to be having one problem after another."
Zack Snyder's Justice League Ben Affleck Birthday Photo

Justice League featured a lead cast of Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as The Flash, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Ciarán Hinds as Steppenwolf, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon. Zack Snyder's Justice League will premiere exclusively on HBO Max in 2021. This comes from Zack Snyder's personal Vero account.