It's been a big few weeks for the #ReleasetheSnyderCut group. Zack Snyder basically confirmed that his cut of Justice League exists and is finished. Now, we have even more images from the mythical director's cut of the movie. Snyder recently posted an image that featured film cannisters labeled "JL. Director's Cut," which sent DC fans into a frenzy. Additionally, Snyder captioned the photo with this: "Is it real? Does it exist? Of course it does." Now, the director's followers really want to see the original cut of the movie.

One of the new images from the Snyder Cut of Justice League was posted by second unit director Clay Staub. It's a simple black and white photo of Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne on a horse, while looking out into the water for Jason Momoa's Aquaman. "The journey to find a Legend is never easy but the fog will lift someday and the truth shall be discovered," says Staub in the caption. He also used the #ReleasetheSnyderCut hashtag. While the image isn't that exciting on its own, it takes on a different meaning since so much has been released over the past few weeks.

The theatrical cut of the Bruce and Arthur scene in Justice League was chopped up and reshot. One can tell because the VFX work on the reshoots isn't really done very well. Another set of images from the Snyder Cut were released online by a fan who attended a Masterclass with Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner. One of the more exciting images features Lois and Clark during Superman's original return to Kansas. There's no mustache here and no bad VFX shaving job either. We also get a sneak peek at Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in front of a green screen.

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Warner Bros. may end up putting out Zack Snyder's original cut of Justice League, but it's unclear when. There is definitely a lot of pressure to do so, but who knows if it will ever see the light of day since it has become such a debacle. It is believed that the theatrical cut of the movie is not even close to what Snyder had in mind. With that being said, what happens if the director's cut is finally released? Will it be able to live up to the massive hype currently surrounding it?

Zack Snyder's projects with DC and Warner Bros. were widely mixed before he left Justice League, which people tend to forget. Whatever the case may be, fans, along with the cast and crew of the movie, want the Snyder Cut to come out and they're not going to stop talking about it on social media until it happens, which means there are going to be a lot more images from the Snyder Cut flooding the internet for the foreseeable future. You can check out the new Justice League images below, starting from Clay Staub's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick