The Justice League Snyder Cut saga continues. Artist Jay Oliva worked closely with Zack Snyder while the movie was being made and was there when principal photography wrapped in December 2016. Oliva claims the original cut is further along than many initially thought. Snyder left the project right before reshoots were set to begin in order to handle a family emergency and Joss Whedon was brought on to continue. However, the reshoots ended up taking a lot longer than expected and changed a lot of Snyder's original vision. Ever since the movie hit theaters and tanked, DC fans have been begging for Snyder's original cut.

Jay Oliva was asked on Twitter about the mythical Snyder cut of Justice League and reveals it might be closer to finished, especially concerning VFX, than anyone originally thought. When production wrapped, Snyder launched right into the post-production phase and had a cut where, "everything was shot and edited into something he screened execs," according to Oliva. One of the main misconception about Snyder's cut has to do with the VFX. He explains.

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"Zack then spent the next few months editing. Now most people think that VFX start then but that's not true. VFX can start as early as preproduction (the storyboard stage) if a scene doesn't require the actors (like digital doubles) VFX can already start way before shooting."

Completing, or even starting on VFX, while a production is shooting is a common practice and something even Marvel Studios utilizes while making their movies. It's safe to assume Zack Snyder was doing the same while working on Justice League, which means his original cut is a lot more complete. Snyder has confirmed his cut exists and fans have been begging for it for years now, even raising thousands of dollars for suicide prevention.

Zack Snyder has been teasing his cut ever since Justice League hit theaters. However, he is leaving the decision to release it up to Warner Bros. and it really doesn't seem like they are moving too quickly to get it out to the public. Instead, they are distancing themselves from the DCEU as a whole and working on new DC projects that are not connected to Snyder's original vision, which was a lofty goal to begin with. It's also important to point out that many DC fans were upset with Snyder's work within the DCEU before he left.

Looking back is easier and since Justice League failed to live up to crazy expectations, DC fans will continue to beg for the Snyder cut. Whether we ever see it is anybody's guess, but that really isn't the point right now. Warner Bros. has the cut sitting in a vault and the longer it remains there, the bigger the myth gets, which is all good for Zack Snyder. You can read Jay Oliva's Twitter comments on the Snyder cut of Justice League below.