Zack Snyder is up to something. The director has just released yet another image from his original cut of Justice League. The image in question features Henry Cavill's Superman and it teases his resurrection. The Snyder Cut fans have been rallying behind the director for two years now and this could all be the big payoff in the making. The director is no stranger to sharing images from the original cut of the movie, but there has been an avalanche of images, all in black and white, over the past few weeks.

This time, we're looking at Henry Cavill's Superman with a caption that reads, "He has yet to rise." While this could be way off, it certainly seems like Zack Snyder is starting to tease something big here. Could the Snyder Cut of Justice League actually end up seeing the light of day in the near future, perhaps on the upcoming HBO Max streaming platform? Production on Army of the Dead did recently wrap, and no release date has been announced for the Netflix project, so Snyder could have some extra time in his schedule at the moment.

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It is possible that Zack Snyder could be touching up his original cut of Justice League for release. It has not been officially confirmed, but the director has to be up to something, along with actors Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher, who have also recently shared black and white images. Of course, Snyder could just be taking a break for the holidays and passing the time by going through old footage and photos to get his fans excited about the Snyder Cut once again.

With that being said, Snyder Cut fans really don't need anything else to get excited. Their faith in the director and his take on Justice League has been unwavering in the past two years. It's that faith that has gotten the Snyder Cut to trend worldwide and even have other celebrities and athletes pickup on it. The Justice League that hit theaters was far from what Snyder originally intended and critics, along with fans, quickly picked up on that fact. In turn, the movie was a box office disaster, which led Warner Bros. to rethink their whole DC strategy.

So, with this latest look at the Snyder Cut of Justice League, is the director teasing something fans have been waiting two years for? Obviously, we really don't know, but there sure seems to be a lot of movement behind-the-scenes to get the fans even more excited. If the Justice League Snyder Cut does make it to HBO Max, it would be a huge win for everybody involved, but it would be massive for the DC fans who have gone out of their way to spread the word, even going as far as to raise money for worthy causes. As usual, Snyder posted it on Vero, his social media platform of choice, but you can check it out below, thanks to the BatFleck Twitter account.