Aquaman star Jason Momoa has broken his silence on his thoughts of last year's DC trainwreck Justice League, and has actually said that he thought the version of the movie originally created by director Zack Snyder was better than what we actually got. A majority of those directly involved with Justice League have kept quiet since the movie's release, and those who did speak up seemed happy with the decisions made during the movie's final months of production, so this viewpoint is certainly unique.

Last year, director Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. parted ways on Justice League. While the original reasoning was due to Snyder needing to take a break following the tragic death of his daughter, later reports claimed that Snyder had been booted from the project due to incompetence. After Snyder left the project, he was soon replaced by Avengers director Joss Whedon, who oversaw the post-production, in addition to writing and directing the extensive reshoots.

What fans ended up getting as a result was not great, as both general audiences and hardcore DC fans were upset with the finished product. The story felt jumbled, the tone kept swinging back and forth, and the visual effects were truly atrocious. Had Warner Bros. decided to push the release date back after the departure of Zack Snyder, perhaps things could have been different.

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Since the release of the movie, many DC fans on the Internet have petitioned for Zack Snyder's cut of the movie to be released. After the release of two of his previous DC movies, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Watchmen, the studio released the director's cuts of the movies, both of whom were actually quite a bit better than the theatrical cuts. Fans were hoping Justice League would get the same treatment, but were disappointed. Earlier this month, a Warner Bros. executives confirmed that they had no plans whatsoever to release Snyder's cut of the movie.

Shortly after Jason Momoa attended San Diego Comic Con last week, the Aquaman star broke his silence about Justice League in a rather un-silent way. According to the report, Momoa shouted this across his group of fans.

"Justice League was good, but Snyder's cut is better!"

This was a rather bold way to discuss the supposed Snyder cut, hinting not only that the director's cut of Justice League is somewhere out there, but also that Jason Momoa has seen it. Perhaps Momoa was just basing his judgment off of the original script and what he was on set for, but the way he talked seemed a lot more definitive than that. He spoke of Justice League in the past tense, and of the Snyder Cut in the present tense, implying that the director's version of the movie is indeed finished and still waiting to be seen.

All in all, Jason Momoa's statement, reported by DC World, is incredibly shocking. Most sources claimed that the Justice League Zack Snyder created was not good at all, which is why Warner Bros. spent so much more money to reshoot it with Joss Whedon. Perhaps the version Snyder made wouldn't have been so bad, considering that Momoa enjoyed it. It may not have been the best fit for general audiences, but there's a good chance that hardcore DC fans will have loved it. Unfortunately, we may never know what Snyder's true vision was.