Did Jason Momoa really just watch Justice League Snyder Cut? Or is he trolling fans to get eyes on a new video he shared on Instagram? There has been much discussion since the release of Justice League back in 2017 that a mythical cut of the film by original director Zack Snyder exists somewhere out in the ether. There have been rumours, fan campaigns, petitions and no doubt some magical rituals, all with the aim of convincing the Warner Bros. studio to release this unconfirmed cut of the film. Even the very existence of such a cut has been the subject of much speculation across the internet with huge swathes of fans falling on either side of this DC inspired conspiracy.

Well, we may now have something that could be described as vindication, as the title star of Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, has seemingly seen the Zack Snyder cut and has confirmed this on his official Instagram account, prideofgypsies.

"Well, let's be honest. If it wasn't for this man, we wouldn't have Aquaman. I love u Zack Snyder. Mahalo for showing me the Snyder Cut. Here is a token of my appreciation. Leica Q2 for inspiring me as an artist through and through. I wish I was a better actor but I can't lie. The Snyder Cut is ssssiiicccckkkkkk! #luckymesucksforu #q2 #leicaforlife @CruelFilms. Aloha."

Included with Jason Momoa's declaration of having just seen the Snyder Cut, there is an accompanying video that shows the actor surprising Sndyer with a brand new Leica Q2 camera. Though he did forget to include a digital card with it, which he'll pick up at a later date. Nowhere in the video do either Zack Snyder or Jason Momoa mention the Snyder Cut, nor the fact that Momoa has seen it. You may be tempted to click on the video, and its a fun moment between these two friends. But the Snyder Cut is not discussed at all. So, is Momoa just trolling fans to get eyes on this video? We're not sure at this point at all.

Zack Snyder took the helm of the DC Cinematic Universe back in 2013 with a retelling of the Superman origin story, Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill and Amy Adams. Snyder and DC then followed this up with the bleak superhero smash-em-up, 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, where Momoa made his first appearance as the underwater dweller known as Aquaman. Whilst Momoa originally auditioned for the role of Batman that eventually went to Ben Affleck, Snyder couldn't resist Momoa's bemuscled charms and cast him instead as Aquaman.

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This was somewhat controversial as he has very little similarity to the comic book characters all-American, blonde haired look. Of course, casting Momoa was one of Snyder's more shrewd decisions as his giant frame and natural charisma helped to shed the idea that Aquaman is always the butt of the joke. The actor then went on to star in his own solo superhero adventure last year, simply entitled Aquaman, and directed by horror aficionado James Wan. The film did very well financially, earning over $1 billion overall, and was well-liked by both critics and audiences, with Momoa's central performance being a clear highlight for many.

Momoa has been grateful to Snyder ever since his star began to rise, owing it all to the director, and never missing a chance to thank him for the fame and fortune he is currently experiencing. This message of gratitude, as well as his gratitude for showing him the aforementioned Snyder Cut in his Instagram post, is bound to send fans of both DC and Snyder into a screaming frenzy, as the cries for their beloved cut hit peak volume once more.

The Snyder Cut of course came about after Snyder, the original director for Justice League left the project somewhat unceremoniously after a tragic family bereavement. Though there was some speculation that his departure was in part due to the critical and commercial failure of Batman V Superman nothing was ever confirmed.

This then led to the appointment of MCU alumni Joss Whedon as Justice League's new director which resulted in clear tonal and visual inconsistencies with the finished film. Rumours of a rough Zack Snyder cut are said to feature a different score by Junkie XL, a lot more Cyborg, and a whole host of other differences to what we saw on the big screen. There would of course be no CGI moustache, which can only be an improvement.

Well, if Momoa is to be believed, it may not be long before we can finally put the rumours to rest. This comes from Jason Momoa's Instagram.

Jon Fuge