Zack Snyder's Justice League movie is coming to HBO Max next year to right the wrongs of the theatrical version of 2017's Justice League. Or make the story worse, depending on whether or not you are a fan of Snyder's brooding take on the DCEU. Regardless, this is happening, and every day new details about the upcoming project are coming to light. Recently, actor and audio-book narrator Ray Porter took to Twitter to reveal his secret role in the film that he has been guarding since 2017.

"That said, and because I've been given permission... Hi, I'm Ray. I played Darkseid in Zack Snyder's Justice League. There. It's out now."
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Darkseid was originally a part of the trilogy of Justice League movies that Zack Snyder had intended to finish his five-movie arc in the DCEU that began with Man of Steel. The Lord of the planet Apokolips is a New God from DC Comics, generally considered the greatest villain the company owns, who served as the original template for the Mad Titan Thanos created by Marvel Comics.

In Snyder's version of the intended Justice League trilogy, Darkseid would have cameoed as his younger self Uxas, invading Earth thousands of years ago before being repelled by the combined forces of the Amazons, Greek Gods, Atlanteans, and an ancient Green Lantern. Uxas was replaced by Steppenwolf in the theatrical cut of Justice League.

Darkseid would then have appeared briefly at the end of the film as his present-day self, greeting Steppenwolf upon his return after failing to conquer Earth. Darkseid would then have entered the story as the main villain in Justice League parts 2 and 3, invading Earth with the help of a brainwashed Superman, leading to the Knightmare scenario teased in Batman V Superman.

Darkseid's weapon of choice would have been the Spear of Destiny, which can be used to mind control others, much like the staff of Loki from 2012's The Avengers, which is what would have allowed him to control Superman. The rest of the trilogy would have been devoted to the other heroes banding together to rescue Superman and defeat Darkseid.

It is unclear how much of Snyder's original plans for Darkseid will be translated into the four-hour special that the filmmaker is creating for his version of Justice League. But it can be safely surmised that Ray Porter will be returning to voice Darkseid, and finally reveal to the world his personal take on the character.

The problem is, since Darkseid will be debuting in 2021 instead of 2017 as originally planned, audiences may see him as a rip-off of the MCU's Thanos, even though the Mad Titan was originally created as a response to Darkseid. Hopefully, Snyder will be able to provide a distinct personality for Darkseid that will distinguish him from his Marvel counterpart, so the character can take his place alongside Joker and Lex Luthor as among the top live-action DC Comics villains.