DC fans rejoice! The long fabled Snyder Cut will hit HBO Max in March, according to director Zack Snyder. The man behind Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has seemingly confirmed the March release date while replying to a comment on the social media platform, Vero, meaning audiences will not have to wait too much longer before bombarding their eyeballs with 4 hours of Justice League mayhem.

"I understand and of course respect your feelings and I just hope I can wipe that [theatrical] version out of existence with what you see in March."
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Zack Snyder is of course referring to the theatrical release of Justice League that audiences were subjected to back in 2017. Helmed by The Avengers director Joss Whedon, this is not the first time that Snyder has slung mud at this version of the movie saying earlier this year that he would "destroy the movie before I use a single frame that I didn't photograph. That is a f-ing hard fact. I'd blow the f-ing thing up."

Whedon's Justice League was mauled critically, with Snyder fans quickly calling for a cut of the movie to be released that brought to life the director's original vision. Spawning one of the most passionate fan campaigns of all time, long-time supporters of Snyder eventually got their way, with The Snyder Cut due to hit HBO Max as a four-part miniseries, with each episode being an hour long. This will then be followed by a version that combines the episodes into a four-hour movie epic. The studio and director are planning to give us as many versions of The Snyder Cut as possible, with Snyder recently stating that he also plans to finish a monochrome version of the movie saying, "My ideal version of the movie is the black-and-white IMAX version of the movie. That to me is the most fan-centric, most pure, most Justice League experience."

Snyder's take is expected to follow a similar outline to what audiences saw in theaters, which picks up following the death of Superman. Batman and Wonder Woman come together to recruit the Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg in order to form the superhero team the Justice League and protect the world from Darkseid and his army of Parademons, who seek the three Mother Boxes.

Over the last few months though, Snyder has revealed that his version will make several substantial changes, as well as feature "a solid two-and-a-half hours of unseen footage". The Snyder Cut is set to feature Joe Manganiello reprising the role of Deathstroke, the arrival of Ray Porter as the tyrannical cosmic overlord Darkseid, a lot more of Cyborg's tragic story, Harry Lennix revealing himself as Martian Manhunter, and even the return of Jared Leto as the Joker. The studio has put a lot of effort and capital in allowing Snyder to finally realise his vision, with reshoots reportedly costing somewhere in the region of $70 million.

The Snyder Cut features an ensemble cast that includes Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne / Batman, Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman, Ezra Miller as Barry Allen / The Flash, Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry / Aquaman, Ray Fisher as Victor Stone / Cyborg, Jeremy Irons as Alfred, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta, and J. K. Simmons as James Gordon. The Snyder Cut then will be released in March next year and is expected to be R-rated. This comes to us from Twitter user @brookstweetz.